Catharanthus roseus

Jackson, MO(Zone 6b)

I planted this in some of my window boxes on my deck this year. I "guess" I am glad I planted them this summer as the weather here has been horrible. We have had almost no rain this summer and the temps. have had days of over 100 degrees which is unusual for here. We generally stay in the high 90's. This plant is rather tough for hot dry areas.

I have had to water my containers every day. The Catharanthus roseus is about 14 inches tall. By mid afternoon, the plant looks like it's going to turn up it's toes and die. Then, I water it in the evening when it gets a "little" cooler and it recovers until the next day.

I am thinking about cutting this plant back, so it will not require quite as much water and look so miserable. Will I still get flowers? Or, will this be the end of the plant?

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