Splitting, cracking, rain, help!

Montreal, QC(Zone 5b)

Hi everyone. I need advice. A couple of things.
I'm worried that all my tomatoes are going to crack, split or be eaten alive by some alien insect!

So I've been experiencing cracking and I'm being careful about watering and then we had a lot of rain starting Thursday and Friday. Just went out to check, and voila, some have split! As well I found what looks like droppings on some leaves where I had found some skinny little critter and a couple of small tomatoes had been attacked. I sprayed with an insecticidal soap but don't know if it's going to work.
I'm removing all tomatoes that have any cracks in them. At this point I might have to harvest most of them and hope for the best.
Also. GoldMedal toms. I was given a couple of them. They are tall and lush, a few tomatoes
that are getting large, and lots of flowers becoming fruits. I think I should cut off tops. Any hopes I will actually get to eat any of these babies???
It's still raining Jnette, and I hear my tomatoes split!!!! I took your advice and posted a new thread although it took me forever to figure out how! LOL

Sierra Vista, AZ(Zone 8b)

Two things. First, insecticidal soap only works if you spray it directly on the bug. It suffocates them and will do nothing to them if they just "walk" through it. Second, 'maters just split sometimes no matter what we do. Some varieties split more than others. I have a tough time growing Gold Medal without splits.Try to water evenly, but enjoy those that split by cutting off the damaged part and eating/cooking/canning the rest. Good luck!

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

Sharon, so glad to see your thread here. Bet you get some outstanding advice like Willy's. Glad he jumped in so fast. Only thing you didn't put was that they are in containers. Type of containers?


Montreal, QC(Zone 5b)

Hi Jnette, my containers are a thick foam type, it hold moisture well. But with proper drainage holes, it doesnt hold the water in. They are large, probably 10 gallon size.
Gold Medals are in the ground. I'm pretty vigilant about light fertlizing thru out the growing season.
What's funny is that I had a yellow cherry in a pot that had a blocked drain and I watered not realizing it wasn't draining and the plant looked like a goner. After I was able to open the drain hole the plant perked up and it's huge!

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

That is funny. It was probably drowning. Poor thing. I am really disappointed in my cherry tomatoes this year. They are really sad. Even if they ripen etc. there are very few on them. I have never had a problem with Sun Sugars before. I used to plant Sweet Millions and they are really good. But I think if the SS do well, they can't be beat.

Well, time to hit the sack. ttyl,

Salem, NY(Zone 4b)

Sharon, I answered all your questions elsewhere so I'll just summarize without cutting and pasting from elsewhere.

I explained why and how fruits split.

I said I wouldn't top anything at this point in the season, and why,

You had asked elsewhere if anyone had grown Gold Medal, I said I had and linked to Tania's page about it and shared with you more about the general subject of the gold/red bicolors.

And then told you I knew how much rain you've been getting since I've been trying to watch the Rogers tennis Cup, woman at Montreal and men at Toronto, and the many rain delays they've had to deal with. ( smile)


Montreal, QC(Zone 5b)

Hi Carolyn, so it is you! I know, you've given me great advice. Don't want you to repeat yourself. At my age, that happens a lot! So today is sunny, you should be able to watch some good tennis hopefully. Haven't checked my toms yet, but it really came down last night. There was flooding in some areas. I will go to Tania's page. Guess I'm being a nervous nelly as the GM's were from a cousin who farms up north. He thought I might have a fertilization problem and then possibly a pollination one because it seemed to take the flowers forever to set fruit. But then, voila, they've started. But not the fastest growing variety. Like I said I wondered if the intense heat slowed it down.
Anyways , we shall see. I would love some of your recommendations for next year.
Happy tennis watching!!!!!

Salem, NY(Zone 4b)

Sharon, I went back to your posting at Tville to see if you'd asked for suggestions for next year, and you didn't, but then laughed a bit b'c you had directed your first post to me, asking if I was around, which I was.

If I'm going to offer suggestions I can't do it without you telling me what you're after as in:

Beefsteaks, what color,and PL or RL
Cherries, what are you after, color, etc.
Heart varieties, what color,
Paste varieties, heaven forbid, what colors/shapes
Early varieties
Gold/red bicolors
Small fruited non-cherries, color prefence

Well, you get the picture I'm sure. LOL


Montreal, QC(Zone 5b)

Hi Carolyn, I joined too many forums! I definitely want suggestions. I am not going to grow any more paste tomatoes. I find them too wimpy for me and I don't have good luck.
Really, I am still so new to this. I would love a beefsteak, something early. Someone recommended Sioux? I love a juicy, tart tomato, color doesn't matter. What do you think of Black Krim? My son is growing it and loves it. I'm not a fan of Brandywine. Too mealy for me. I'm hoping gold medal works if the squirrels don't destroy it. In the cherries, I have great results with Sungold yellow (don't know which one), black cherry. I am growing GZ and might actually get some decent ones. Also Tigerella which is too soon to tell. And of course, my Japanese black trifele. Not sure if I overwatered. It's pretty juicy but it seems to get really soft fast which I guess happens with the black varieties.
Is there a benefit to Pl vs Rl? Speaking of which the JBT is showing some purple on the outer edges of the older leaves.
How's that so far? I'm just really starting to learn I need a mentor, if you feel like taking me on, step by step. I'm going to order your book and have it sent to family in the US. They don't ship to Canada,
Sorry for all the confusion. Too many forums then I forget which thread I answered in which forum. Make any sense? Can we have our own one going? I'm happy to share, just as long as I dont have to figure out where I posted lol!
Thanks a million. Sharon

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

Sharon, I might have some seeds left of my Early Bush Beef Steak. I get nice size tomatoes on it, and quite a few. But, maybe that is just my luck and may not be yours.

Carolyn, have you ever tried them?

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