Alien bugs have landed. What kind of insects are these?

Pomona, CA

I have a pomegranate tree and have noticed a new type of insect on all of the fruits. Do you guys know what type of insects these are? They are very interesting looking. Thanks

Thumbnail by Docleung
Churchill, Victoria, Australia(Zone 10a)


This forum is for questions relating to adding data to the BugFiles database.

We have a forum on Insect and Spider Identification here:
and if you post your question there, you may get some help,

Having said all that, I am in fact able to identify your insect. It is in fact a Leaf-footed Bug - Leptoglossus zonatus in the family Coreidae.:

Quoting from the BugGuide site:
Feeds on flowers and fruits of many plants, including citrus, tomatoes, various members of the squash family, and many other plants (3)
Considered a pest not only for the feeding damage on various crops but also as a transmitter of plant pathogens.
First appeared in LA in 1996 (Johnson & Allain 1998) and became the dominant species of leaf-footed bug in Satsuma oranges by 2001 (Henne & Johnson 2003)

Your picture would be a good one to add to our Leptoglossus zonatus page:
You will find a link at the bottom of the page to Upload an image of this bug

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