Wasps with partially/completely missing wings

Concord, NC(Zone 7a)

I have now seen 5 wasps within a week with either all wings missing or part of their wings missing. 2 with no wings, 2 with partial wings, 1 with one wing missing. The wings look like pieces have been bitten or torn off. The wasps act erratic and die the same day I see them. I'm in North Carolina. Any idea of what is happening to these wasps? The picture shows a wasp with one wing missing. I believe they are Carolina Paper Wasps but I'm not sure. I can't find any nests nearby. Very curious. Thanks!

Thumbnail by dawnangel328
(Zone 7a)

About this time of year, I see dead and dying wasps. Same with Dragonflies. They get a bit tattered. Could be they're getting on in months?

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