everblooming cl. cecile brunner

Edinboro, PA(Zone 5b)

Hi. Can you inform me about Everblooming Climbing Cecile Brunner? The bush form is wonderful. The climbing sport is crazy huge in Southern California, but generally yields one huge flush of blooms a year. I notice Heirloom Roses offers this Everblooming Cl C. Br. plant, but I can find nothing about it. Is it really more remotant than the common climber? Can it survive a zone 5b winter, where I live now? Thanks! Brian in PA.

Richmond, TX

I have Cecile Brunner. It is not called "everblooming" but for me it is. The spring display is the most impressive, but it continues to bloom all summer and fall. It forms a mounding shrub or enthusiastic climber - depending upon its care. I have no idea how it would do in zone 5.

Belton, TX

I have several Cecile Brunner varieties...the climber is perpetual blooming, but the growth is quite rapid and often excessive...verging on agressive. The shrub CB exhibits in the spring and then sporatically in the fall when the weather cools...I find the shrub CB is also a bit agressive and requires quite a bit of trimming and maintenance to keep it in check. I find that this particular rose creates sports in the growing beds...often from cuttings of the same plant.

By far...in my opinion...the compacta is my favorite...well-behaved, perpetual blooming and higher scent. It was originally a sport of the shrub CB, but it has proven to be very stable over the past 12 years.

It was originally called Sally's Compact Cecile Brunner and Grandmother Sal's CB...check with your dealer to see if it is also called 'Everblooming'...names seem to change often as different parts of the country market the same plant. The original wholesaler included 'everblooming' in the name of Sally's Compact CB.

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