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asparagus roots

Tampa, FL

My asparagus plants are 4 years old now. Will the root system spread? Also, I am only getting 1 asparagus a week, so I let it go; when will they start coming up together, if ever?

Magnolia, TX(Zone 8b)

Mine get busy when it rains buckets, they also bloomed which astonished me, so I'm wondering if they'll seed. More than that I cannot tell you, except even when I miss my spears I top the ferns to keep them at a reasonable ht. I have a var named Mary Wahingtons I believe. I only planted 2 roots, but there are dozens of ferns, chuckl, from letting them go, I guess.

Ayrshire Scotland, United Kingdom

I'm no expert re Asparagus BUT, I am now the same age as My Granddad was when we were allowed to go anywhere close to his Asparagus beds.

I have heard by the way that part of these same beds are still fertile and growing the same Asparagus that My Granddad planted, they are said to be able to produce for around 150 years if cared for properly.

I know the beds / planting area have to be dug around 2-3ft deep and wide, refill the bed with lot's of well rotted manure / humus and add bury the CROWNS about 4 inches in depth, you need to spread the roots out like octopus style and lay these roots on top of a little hill so the roots don't sit in any water if the soil is very wet, once done that, cover with the 4 inches soil and leave alone for about 3-4 years except IF required, remove any flower fern greenery etc.
You should not pick any Asparagus stalks till after that time or the plants will die off, they need time to build up for a proper crop then from that time on, each years you can pick all you like, I seem to remember we had to leave 1 stalk on every plant end of picking season. BUT by autumn we top dressed the area with well rotted manure or other humus, and remove any dying foliage.

Each spring FEB / March, as you weed and hoe around the beds top soil (Don't Dig) you need to add a mixture of Multi Purpose Ferlilizer by a mixture of 2 part sulphate of potash 2 parts nitrate of Soda, and 3 parts phosphate, Now I know here you can buy this already mixed in a package and you just use as directed on the packet / box. Around 3 ounces to the Square yard should be enough, I am so used to just using a lady handful or two and that is the modern way.
I think you ladies are a little impatient regarding these plants and harvest from, they really are worth waiting longer as the plants will be with you for next generation if cared for and watered when required.
Good luck, hope all this helps, someone may be able to tell you different and the more Modern ways but I know the care for the plants is the same here as it was always for years before, maybe the fertilization will have improved as time has gone by. the length of time these plants can last is the same and no picking for the first 4 years are the same.
Good luck. WeeNel.

Magnolia, TX(Zone 8b)

I was not NEARLY as careful as that! Tho the roots I bought were 2 yr old roots. They stayed in the bag 8 mo before my dau decided they needed thrown in the garbage, this garbage is an outside catch all for cans and bottles - I was cleaning it out when I chanced upon them and there were still 2 bare roots growing- I dug a hole nex to a wire trellis, watered the hole, and planted them. Now this is a 4' square plot, barely raised and home to my green onions, chives, thyme, etc. They get occasional water, as everyone has full time jobs everywhere else. I did fertilize this spring with a veggie fertilizer,and I did it super heavy since it was miracle gro- nothing burned, but we were getting soaking rains for 4 to 5 days in a row, so there was also atrench around the outside of the bed- it allows the bed to drain- but feed water to the roots slowly. They grow, every 2 months when I get home I feel lucky to get a spear or 2 - my dau doesn't like them- and the spears I don't get become the ferns. The blooms were so tiny! I was delighted! When I get home in late Sept I will see what has happened !

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