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Poisonous or not??? Spider in Peru

Santa Teresa near Ma, Peru

Hi, I will get a photo fireworked soon to post, but essentially I am after advice. We live near Machu Picchu in Peru and a few nights ago a large spider was in our bedroom. It had a large abdomen (excuse my poor technical knowledge and vocab) and it freaked us out. I want to know if it is one I should be concerned about. It was about 4 to 5 inches in diameter (legs bent) and had a 2 inch body/abdomen, was a little hairy, .... hey I need to post a picture right. Sorry, don't have it today but I wanted to join the forum. Perhaps someone knows about potentially dangerous spiders in my area and can offer some initial advice. My wife grew up here and didn't recognise it. Normally they come into the houses on a full moon and most housees (including ours) have many holes from which they can gain entry.

Any info on spiders in my region would be appreciated, I will get that photo!


Minot, ND

Very unlikely to be anything dangerous.

Santa Teresa near Ma, Peru

Hi again, here's the photo

Hope you're right about it being fine.

Thumbnail by otezoreil
Minot, ND

It's one of the several species of tarantula native to Peru; a bite would be painful but not dangerous.

Santa Teresa near Ma, Peru

Hey that's great news, thanks. It was weird as my family had never seen it before so it caused them to be concerned. The other day I was stung by a scorpion on my back and then a wasp on my nose (not a great day) so I'm getting my fair share of contact with local insect life. I've been here over 3 years and not had any problems but wanted to check it out. Thanks so much for your responses.

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