Strange but True

Allen Park, MI(Zone 6a)

My best producers this year are 3 plants that are grown in containers.
I have a Rutgers that I'm growing in a large pot that has been outstanding very high yields.

I have a Burbank Slicing and a Linda's Faux growing in a strawbale and they too have and still are producing heavily.
I also have these varieties growing in the soil and they are o.k. but not as good as the ones in the pot and bale.
Go figure.


Carmel, NY(Zone 6b)

That is interesting! And how do you find the flavor on the Burbank Slicing? I've never heard anything particularly good about it, but I do have seeds and would love to hear your opinion.

Allen Park, MI(Zone 6a)

I like them

Carmel, NY(Zone 6b)

Great - I guess I will give them a shot then. Only know one other person who actually grew them and she (Linda of Linda's Faux), and they didn't do well for her. Your growing conditions are probably closer to mine though.

Thanks for heads up!

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