The obsession continues :)

Carmi, IL(Zone 6b)

Well the obsession continues. :) I have planted Pandora's Box, Moonlight Masquerade and Blueberry Candy. I have since ordered Wineberry Candy, Touch of Summer,Siloam David Kirchoff, My Belle,In Your Dreams,Woodside Amethyst,Soverign Queen,Wilson Spider,Lurch Stamile and Malaysian Monarch and Violet Becomes You. I am wondering whether I should just plant beside and behind my irises or if I could plant in front of them. I don't want the irises to be blocked by the daylilies. I know the irises will come up first but am wondering how that would look. I could also just dig up a new flower bed. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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springfield area, MO(Zone 5b)

well I had the tall bearded iris and I planted them in the back and then cut them back some after they bloomed and the foliage started to look ratty.

Carmi, IL(Zone 6b)

Well I took the plunge and planted the daylilies in front,beside and behind the irises. The only thing I am concerned about though is when the irises are blooming if the daylilies will start to grow and block my irises. Im thinking that the daylillies won't be that tall though when the irises start to bloom. Remember Im a newbie when it comes to daylilies :) In any case if I don't like how everything looks I can always move things around later on.

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Casper, WY(Zone 4a)

At one time I was going to do the same. I never got to it since my irises are mostly growing along my fence. Here is my idea that I was going to use to interplant irises and daylilies. The idea was that each would get their share of sun. If you have lots of room, the distance between plants can be easily enlarged.

Thumbnail by blomma
Carmi, IL(Zone 6b)

That is so pretty blomma.Thats a good plan. I do have lots of room. I think for now though Im just going to wait and see how it all looks next year and then I can always move things around if I don't like it.

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