Roosters not interested in hens

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Brought my white rooster home and he wasn't crowing much so I let him stay about a week now. He isn't interested in mating. So, I brought Theodor home, you might remember my three roosters I raised from hatching eggs, Alvin, Simon and Theodore. They were all supposed to be partridge silkies but somehow the one, Simon, meanest rooster I have, is white for some reason. Still a mystery as to why. Anyway, Theo is in the backyard now too and he is not interested in the ladies either. I can understand why Cotton maybe isn't, because he may be five or six years old, but Theo, if I recall is less than four years.

Here they are. I put Theo in the cage because they were fighting. Put the hen in there because she is broody. Those are the two I would like to breed anyway, but so far, no action.

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Beautiful Silkies!

(Zone 6b)

Thanks Gardenpaw. Yesterday the partridge rooster jumped on several of the hens. Not sure if he is actually doing anything, but he's biting them on the head and jumping on them at least. He must be trying at least.

I'm really not supposed to have them in town, but neither of them are crowing much, and when they do it isn't very loud.

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The partridge rooster is acting more aggressive and chasing the hens around being real "roostery".

This morning he even jumped on one of them with both feet. I don't think he did anything, but he is getting more of the idea.

I remember one woman told me I should let them breed when they were a year old because when they get older then they don't want to. I should have listened and not waited.

This boy has been locked up in a large dog kennel for three years I guess. Alvin, Simon and Theodore. Two partridge and the third one was white. I asked Steve Wheat about that, he said, "I don't know what I did". I'm wondering if they were carrying the white gene and it just happened to come forth. Either that or he gave me an egg from his white silkies. Not sure he had white silkies, but maybe he did. I know he does now. He also has some cuckoo silkie eggs that I was so tempted to get today. I think they are so pretty.

Yet, I need to build some pens before I buy anything else.

(Zone 6b)

Good news on my rooster. He jumped on a hen last night and one this morning. I said, "Yeah Cotton". Maybe he still has it in him.

Of course I don't know if he's really doing anything, but he is definitely trying.

The one little white hen this morning is a nice one. She is small but has a nice form. When she first came here she had a nice crest, but that seems to have disappeared. I think the other hens pick at her. She's a spunky little thing though and fights back. They would make some good babies together I think.

Should I lock her up and see what she lays? Maybe I should wait a few days and see if he will continue his quest to mate.

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