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Oleander Society

Cave Creek, AZ

I'm so excited the the Oleander Society is still a live and well in Galveston Texas. I had a great conversation with one of the members and I can' t wait to join and learn even more.
They are willing to sell names cuttings so I can't wait!!! I have been on the look out for some beautiful double reds and just haven't found anything.
Many nurseries can't ship to Arizona because of nematodes and they need to have a special permit to ship them here.
There aren't many books about oleander written in the US but there are many foreign books.
European oleander use to not have a scent but the ones in India were all scented. Now so many breeders have traded so there is a far wider variety of plants on the market. There has also been much research to breed more cold tolerant plants.
It is very sad that they are not more in favor with people. They were once though of a plants the poor immigrants brought with them from their home lands. Granted they are a poisonous plant but most plants are. Their leaves are bitter so most animals will not have lunch on them. There are many urban legends about the poisonous effect of the oleander. There is also confusion about the white sap being harmful. It is being confused with the yellow oleander with think leaves that usually is sold as a tree. It's a relative but not the same plant.
I hope to be able to go this coming spring to the oleander festival in April in Galveston.It is said that it won't be hot or crowded. The last time we were in Galveston I thought I was going to die from the heat and humidity! It was the wrong time of the year for us to visit.
Happy growing,

Tucson, AZ

how is your membership in the oleander society?

Cave Creek, AZ

So far not much. I got to talk to Betty that is in the oleander book. Just a wealth on information!!! She sent me cuttings of General Persing, a double red.
My wings have been clipped. I had to go to the foot specialist today and found out my foot is broken. I couldn't get a hard cast because I have to drive Chuck back from his eye doctor's appointment in Sun City, He has had 3 different eye surgeries lately.So he has to go for his check up. This has really put a damper on my hunting.
I have some areas that I can get cuttings and I want to bet some. I have almost all of mine now planted and I don't have anything rooting. I saw that in the area I go to they have a nice colored pink. I have to keep my eyes out for a petite white.
I'm glad to send you Mrs Roedig but they need to stay inside for the first winter. Perhaps spring would fit your program better? They need to be kept growing in the winter for the first year because they will be tender. If you want to bring them in, give them a sonny spot and water about once a week let me know.
I have loved oleander they are just far more forgiving than the plumeria and most of my cuttings have been free or gifts.

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