Azadirachta indica/paraíso/neem seedling

Hamilton Township, NJ(Zone 7a)

My neem seedling's leaves are drooping and chlorotic, having some brown spots on one section of leaves. Please HELP! I've got good drainage, but its been outside in the rain. I've brought him inside and last week, I gave him some epsom salts...he rallied briefly, but then it rained. Should I just let the soil dry out and wait?
Thank you for whatever assistance you can offer!


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Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

Sounds like it's gotten too wet. If the soil is really wet then it may help to repot it into some drier soil (otherwise it'll stay sopping wet for even longer which will make the problem get worse). If it's not too wet then just letting it dry out a bit could be enough. Seedlings can be touchy though and it's hard to say if it's been too wet for long enough that it won't be able to recover. I would suggest posting your question in the Beginner Gardening forum since more people will see it there and be able to offer advice.

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