More Neos. less pocket change

Big Pine Key, FL(Zone 11)

It's always a great day for me when I am able to induge my addiction a bit and pick up a new brom or two. I gave in to temptation twice this last week.

The first was to get this Neo. 'Perfection’ at a local nursery. ‘Perfection’ is a variegated cultivar of N. 'Fosperior'(a hybrid from Mulford Foster). As I understand it this is a tough neo that does well in landscape and holds its color well in various light conditions although I doubt it could handle full summertime sun. If it has a drawback it would be that its variegation is reputed to be a bit unstable leading to pups with no of little variegation. I can deal with that and who knows, maybe I’ll be the guy with lots of perfect offsets.

My second failure to keep my wallet in my pocket is a nice fat Neoregelia that goes by the handle of ‘Big Mac’. This concentrica hybrid seems to have some question as to the exact parentage with 'Jungle Gardens Grande'(?)x'Hobb's Hybrid'(?) listed as the seed and pollen parent. The hybridizer is McSweeney. As it matures a lavender, deeply speckled throat will appear on this fairly large Neo.


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Ventress, LA(Zone 8b)

Thanks for sharing your vast knowledge wih us. I too may have something similar to Big Mac, but won't be home til Tuesday to find out.

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