Taking suggestions for lavenders and pinks (rebloom a plus)

Black Earth, WI

Hi All

I finally have a big garden to grow daylilies in and I'm expanding my collection. I have a desire for daylilies with certain qualities and thought I'd solicit suggestions from fellow enthusiasts.

The important criteria are:

Dormant or Semi-E (I'm in Zone 5a)
Pink, Lavender or Near white
Rebloomers a plus
Ruffles delightful but not required.
Eyezones fun but not required.
Robust, healthy, easy cultivar (remember, I'm a beginner)
"medium" size (i.e. 24-26 inches with 4-6 in. blooms)

Tet or Diploid

I already have:

Cherry Drop
Lady Elizabeth
Strawberry Candy
Corryton Pink

I know I can use the search engine, but it is more fun to hear from real people. I'm hitting up the Hem sale at Olbrich gardens in Madison this Saturday, and it would be nice to have a few names in mind, before I go mad with my checkbook.


Gainesville, FL(Zone 9a)

Im looking for pinks myself. Im just on about my last nerve with the sun fading the darker purples and reds I like, so Im adding some lighter ones.

My two favorite lavenders are
Lavender Tallstacks and Lillians Sweet Thang.

I love the coolness of a good lavender.

It a little frilly, but the best reblooming pink I know of is April Laquinta

Black Earth, WI

Thanks gg!

I will put those on my list, maybe the Madison Hemheads will have a few fans dug up


south central, WI(Zone 5a)

Humph!! computer didn't take my info last night
From the list..you might want to check Gods' Handiwork and Brocaded Gown. They do well for me.
I also have Big Kiss and Cat Dancer..as well as the lovely Twilight Swan.
For coral..Smoky Mountain Autumn is great.
One I don't grow, but gets good marks for pink is Barbara Mitchell.

I have Pink Lavender Appeal in my garden..somewhere..moving has made a mess of tags and not everything bloomed this season. PLA is a prolific bloomer and fan setter. It is not listed in the sale.
Good luck.

Melvindale, MI(Zone 5a)

Neal Berrey is a wonderful pink and does well here.

Black Earth, WI

Hi All,

The WDS Sale was great. I did get Barbara Mitchell!

Also Catherine Woodbery, Fairy Tale Pink and Chorus Line, Wineberry Candy, and Mariska. and more. 16 total new cultivars in my beds, including the thrilling "Light Years Away"

I am stoked. Had a great time at the sale, so did my daughter (6) giving "Advice" ("that's pretty mom, get that one!) And my mother in law is jealous. So, mission accomplished.

Thanks all!

south central, WI(Zone 5a)

Glad you had fun..my daylily garden has also expanded.....loved the weather..just made buying easier.

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