Kill plants when I try to repot or plant in garden

Dallas, TX

I live in Dallas, which is Zone 8. I have a number of potted ( note the 'ted' please) plants that are very healthy. I grow these outdoors. Once they grow to a fairly decent size, I have a perfect place in my garden to plant them. Actually it's the same place where I have them growing in pots. In this instance I am referring to my holly ferns and autumn ferns and also to heuchera. As soon as I get them in the ground, they croak or else just look poorly. The ferns totally disappeared. I've read articles and watched videos on the web and try to follow the instructions very carefully. The beds have good soil, compost, mulch, etc. Based on the little that I've told y'all, do you have any thoughts on what I might be doing wrong? Please and thank you.

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