CLOSED: Shedding pseudoscorpion or mutant freak?

Watford, United Kingdom

My friend found this on her wall in Redditch in the Midlands UK and asked me what it was.

My best guess was a pseudo scorpion but the size of it threw me a little - look at the mortar in the brickwork it is sitting on; this is 1cm minimum making the creature >1cm. Also the rear legs appear to be fused, I've not heard of or seen this before. It could also have been partially predated by the centipede it was initially found next to.

It looks like it could be shedding it's skin too a likely explanation for the multiple legs on one side. Do pseudo scorpions do this?

Can anyone offer a better explanation / identification for this arthropod?

Many thanks,


Thumbnail by Ectomorph Thumbnail by Ectomorph
Lucketts, VA(Zone 7a)

Could also be that two are present, mating or one on the bottom being eaten. Have no idea what pseudoscorpions mating looks like.

Minot, ND

Not a pseudoscorpion, but a centipede with the somewhat distorted 'skin' it just shed...

Watford, United Kingdom

Thanks that make perfect sense that it is a centipede shedding it's exoskeleton. It looks all anemic too which fits nicely.


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