recently bought a crescent special treadle sewing machine

nelson, New Zealand

Hi everyone, I live in New Zealand and have recently bought a crescent special treadle. It was pretty gummed up and dusty but I nearly have it working fine except the tension spring appears to be broken off a bit so the top thread pops out of the assembly when sewing. Does anybody know anything about these machines? There is such a lot of information on singers and other brands but so far I have not been able to find anything on crescent apart from being manufactured by Johnson, Flanders & Co. Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks Julia.

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What a doll!! So cute.

Julie, have you tried researching the company? Maybe you can get a manual, or even find a trouble shooter to help you.

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As a last resort, you might look for a machine shop that custom makes springs. I don't mean sewing machine shop, I mean like in the automotive trade. I know we have them here and have no idea what the cost would be but it might be your only option.
Also check with sewing machine repair shops especially those that specialize in older machines. It might be an interchangable part.
We do have a couple of friends here who know more about the older machines, hoping one or more may hope in and help you.
Did you check the posting from quilter_gal in the first forum listed here? The title is Treadle sewing machines. She really knows a lot about these machines and has some very good tips on getting help with them.
LOL I think I posted in backwards order here. read from the bottom up.

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nelson, New Zealand

Thanks for the replies to my post. I found a local repairman who services treadles (and lawnmowers) and he managed to repair my spring as it is an unusual size. He also reset the timing. From what I have been able to find out the company stopped trading in 1910. It also has a long skinny boat shuttle but luckily for me the singer shuttle bobbins fit. If anybody knows about Johnson Flanders & Co I would like to hear it. Thanks :)

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Yay! So happy for you Julia, Looks like you're going to be having some fun with your machine.

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Julia you might find these sites interesting, I hope the second link works it is the Smithsonian Institute and shows copies if company advertising. If it doesn't work, Google the company name and then click on the first link, there was a listing of companies, clicking on the name brought them up and there it shows the ads. I believe you can print them out.

OK I checked and the link does work. Click on HTML page

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