Best tool ever!

Seattle, WA

This question could go under so many categories, definitely under metal working. My husband bought something fabulous at a yard sale several years ago, and now it's the best tool ever. I never have seen others, however. All it is is a length of lead plumbing pipe like we all used to have in our homes before PVC, maybe 24" and 1 3/4" in diameter---whatever fits your hand. Someone took a tool of some sort and sliced it vertically, on an angle, maybe 9" down, so as to form a super sharp tip. It is simply awesome for digging up weeds, and in situations where you want to go down pretty deep. After years of prying up and leveraging out rocks and bigger rocks, the poor thing is so abused, that I've started thinking, how can I get more? And why doesn't everyone have these? Very cheap and useful. Now for the fishermen out there, my neighbors know it all, and informed me that these are really for holding your fishing rod while you go off and do something else. I'm fine with that. I also see it as a good temporary flag holder, which could be made any length. You can just pound it right into the ground. No digging! Who would I enlist to make something like this for me? It would have lasted for ever if I hadn't been too lazy to go after a crowbar when moving rocks around. It still works, but the sharp tip is a bit bent at this point.

Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

I have an idea what you are talking about, but a picture would help a great deal.

Seattle, WA

I'll get on it.

Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

It sounds as if you have a japanese hand hoe - I have one and wouldn't want to garden/weed without it - LOVE IT!

Missouri City, TX

I doubt it is lead - that would be a very soft metal. Probably galvanized (water pipe), or black iron (gas pipe).

Are you saying it was cut diagonally?

That would be an easy cut to make with a recipricating saw or angle grinder. Could be done with a hacksaw, but would just take longer.

Any hardware, big-box, or plumbing supply should be able to supply a length of pipe (called a nipple) and probably make the cut for you, too.

Seattle, WA

Bubba, you're correct as usual. I guess I only said lead because so many of the pipes in our old houses around here do or did have lead in them. The cut would be more of a deep slice like you could make on a carrot with a potato peeler. The main thing is to get it so that it's narrow enough and sharp enough at the end to easily get down deep right next to that dandelion root. I was not aware the big box stores would make that cut. No one there really seems skilled enough-----I know, I should talk!

Seattle, WA

Kay, I tried to find a picture of a Japanese hand hoe that resembled my tool, but couldn't. Remember, mine is only a piece of metal pipe, no wooden handle. I did, however, duct tape a foam ball to the end when I was doing some major digging in hard pan (inappropriate task, but in a narrow deep hole) in order to save my hands.

Clermont, FL(Zone 9a)

Quite by accident I am across this tool. Would this be what your refering to: Hope I added this link correctly. I'm no tecky.

Lee's Summit, MO(Zone 6a)

Yes, Bonnie - this is the tool I have. Here's a clickable link:

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