Internet Explorer and pogo bridge

Lexington, NC(Zone 7a)

For years I have been playing bridge online with through AOL. Pogo and AOL have had parting of the ways. I have been able to get pogo bridge through Internet Explorer but have a problem. There is so much of Internet Explorer abouve the game I can't even see the ok button at the bottom of the score or see the chat box. I have tried to get rid of that top part but to no avail. Any suggestions are more than welcome.
Thank You

Powder Springs, GA(Zone 7b)

Try F11 to go to full screen. To return to all the toolbars, etc, hit F11 again.

Fremont, CA(Zone 9a)

I have noticed several of the games have "screen" problems. It may not just be that you are using IE. I have also had problems with firefox. Google chrome seems to be the least trouble free (for now.)
Also be aware that they might work better as a pop up. See this article at Pogo

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