What's happening to my tomatoes?

Bright, IN

Here are pics of what I discovered on my heirloom brandywine tomatoes. Anyone know what is going on and is there something I should do about it? Thanks!

Thumbnail by worlie Thumbnail by worlie Thumbnail by worlie
Poughkeepsie, NY(Zone 6a)

Belly button syndrome.

Nah, just kidding. Not sure there's ANYTHING wrong. I had Blossom end rot on one of my Better boys though.

Arlington, MA(Zone 6a)

it's called "cat-facing" and some varieties of tomatoes are more susceptible than others. brandywines are one of those susceptible varieties. it does not hurt anything and there is nothing to be done but eat them.

Bright, IN

Thanks for the responses. I wondered if it was "cat-facing", but I haven't found any pics that look like mine do. Just horribly deformed, extreme examples of what tomatoes with cat-facing look like.

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