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help with jade plant

Waconia, MN

How do I get my jade plant to grow straight without a stick/how do I get the base stronger so that it can stand on it's own?

Thumbnail by onethree1p Thumbnail by onethree1p
Big Pine Key, FL(Zone 11)

Well you will always have a problem with this plant standing on itís own. What you have is a Peperomia obtusafolia ( which is a vineing, trailing plant often used for hanging baskets.
What is more commonly refered to as Jade plant is Crassula ovata ( . This plant develops a thick base and trunk and indeed stands on its own.

Waconia, MN

That makes sense why I am having problems - guess it's important to know what kind of plant one has before growing it. Thanks!

Big Pine Key, FL(Zone 11)

happy to help

Opp, AL(Zone 8b)

I've killed these before and thought I might learn something if I clicked in this thread, and sure enough, I did. It's been about 10 years but pretty sure I overwatered mine, thinking it was wilting. Never have seen another pretty variegated one like the one I killed to replace it. Obviously no need to discuss strength for this particular plant, thanks again, Olddude.

If you don't want to go to a hanging pot, it's perfectly legitimate to stake "vines!" Wonder if this one will get woody or remain supple?

But under the heading of "in general," it's good to turn plants so they are evenly exposed to light and don't develop a lean. Also, plants that go outside for the summer, or even just to be rained on occasionally, are much more able to hold themselves up because they've had the opportunity and occasion to develop resistance to wind, which equals strength. If the idea is unappealing or impractical, blowing it (from different directions) with a fan periodically, or running a ceiling fan can help also.

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

If you're still around & want to talk plants, I have some thoughts about yours.


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