CLOSED: Moth ID, please or is it a brown butterfly.

Columbus, GA(Zone 8a)

Not very large, fluttering all around, but when it landed, it stayed for a long time. Landed on grass debris, didn't see it visit a flower.

Any one know what it is?


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Minot, ND

It's skipper (family Hesperiidae) - could be one of the cloudywings...

Columbus, GA(Zone 8a)

Thanks, Flapdoodle;

Mine sure does look like a Cloudywing Skipper (not a moth). I saw Northern and a Southern versions.

The ones I researched look like mine, but none had the same pattern of white marks on their wings - I'm speaking of the 4 marks all in a row, with the second one down looking like is was inserted side-ways between #1 and #3.

Do you know if there is any significance to the pattern/number of white marks on their wings?


Minot, ND

IMHO, the relative positions of the spots would appear to be more important than any differences in the sizes of the spots.

Columbus, GA(Zone 8a)

Thanks, that's what I was thinking - position.

Barling, AR(Zone 7b)

A Duskywing skipper. For your area, three are likely. Juvenal's, Zarrucco,or Horace's. Based upon the time of year and wing patterns, this butterfly appears to be a male Horace's duskywing.

Attached pic for reference, note extra spot on forewing indicates female.

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