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Why is my Burgundy Iceberg Rose hot pink?

Lincoln, CA

I just planted a Burgundy Iceberg Rose in my yard a few months ago and I have been looking at the photos for months now eager for dark burgundy to purple results. The rose bush finally started blooming for the first time last week and the roses are a very bright hot pink with white inside. It was100 degrees last week, so I just wanted to know if the bright hot pink and white color is a temperature problem and if this is merely an "ugly duckling" phase. Is there anything I can do to encourage more purple-ish or a nice dark burgundy bloom and if not, do you have any recommendations for dark burgundy replacement rose bush? I am not entirely fond of the white insides and backsides of the flowers either but the really bright hot pink bloom is probably the reason. What I really need is a 4 x 4 or 5 x 5-ish (or larger) purple or burgundy rose bush that will be located in between two blue hydrangeas. All of these plants were just planted this spring of 2012 with another purple hydrangea and I am hoping that they will all grow into each other when they become large enough to hide the backyard fence. On the other side of one of the blue hydrangeas I have mounted a 5ft x 8 ft. trellis to my fence and I am filling it with a thornless blackberry bush and a dark purple Clematis 'Jackmanii'.The Burgundy Iceberg Rose is a centerpiece between two blue hydrengeas and I was really trying to avoid bright pink in this part of the yard (..well, all pink actually!) Thank you very much.

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