ORVG # 195: Racing towards fall

Waddy, KY

We came from here


Thought I saw that a request for a new thread somewhere.

I've been pretty busy and still have a ton of stuff to get done. I ended up throwing out probably 6-8 bushels of slicer cucumbers because I didn't have time to get to them before they rotted. The cooler is still full of stuff that needed something done with it. I need to get the potatoes dug and some cabbage planted plus the turnips and kale. I'm hoping to seed some Swiss chard and lettuce in some float trays to transplant in a few weeks.

Hope everyone that's not up to parr gets to feeling better. Sue, hang in there. Joyce, rejoice that your father had a full life and that you got to enjoy some of it with him.

Better get moving. Day's awasting.

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

Rejoicing is exactly what I'm doing!

Arrangements are made. Here is his obit if anyone is interested...


Celebration of his life will happen after the service and burial at our house...

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

i have to work at 5 pm on thursday but i will try and make it . !! :)
a wonderful obit Cookie.
Lou thinking of you and sending healing thoughts to you
court today went well.
Candace Forney got 6 yrs !! we didn't see that coming !! prosecution and i both looked at each other amazed. I believe the judge didn't like her answers of the questions he asked. Four of the murderers had ample and many oppurtunity to call police during the 8 day's . No one had a good enough answer as to why they never sought help. THey traded loyalty to each for a life .....
and so be it

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

Amen! Rat Bas****s


Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6b)

HEY don't be dragging Rats down to that Pond Scum's level.........LOL!

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

You're right! I apologize to all rats! ^_^

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Hehe, so funny but there is a bit of truth in those sentiments.

Janet, good gosh girl, you didn't retire to kill yourself working. Slow down some, or better yet hire another person to help you out. I think the weather may cooperate enough for you to get some fall crops planted. The spring ones didn't do so hot. However, for my liking, I have put up enough garden stuff to last us for the winter and then some. I think I have made about 20 quarts of roasted tomato sauce. I gave some to DS and his SO, as they barely have time off from their jobs to get anything done.

The cooler weather is letting me get ouside to tend to what is left of my flower beds. They weren't very pretty, but at least I am trying to keep the perennials from dying.

Lou, wishing you the very best with your knee. Hope the surgery and the rehab goes quickly and well. Will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

Chele, how is Carley doing? Are you any closer to getting to move that you were? If you have to take the kids to school and then go get them every day, I don't see how you are going to manage to work. But I guess any little bit will help with the finances.

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

thanks everyone
i was hoping for a few weeks off to process all of this but my boss sandy has shingles and i m going to cover her and i got 10 houses and two offices to do this week to help her out.
thank you all for your inspiration , the fairy garden, your encouragment. patience, prayers and love. i could have not gotten through this wiht out you all
i will be pretty busy the next few days so don't think i m ignorning you all
love and hugs

Hillsboro, OH(Zone 6a)

Eeeew, shingles are miserable! I had them once in my late teens due to stress and poor diet. Don't work too hard Sue. I know it's good to keep your mind busy but don't wear your body out.

Sending you hugs Joyce. You sound very at peace with things and I know it will be hard to say goodbye to your Dad. As many have said, it's much easier for those that move on than for those that are left behind.

Lou, hoping you get good news and get to feeling better.

Bonnie, don't you work too hard either! This weather is much more pleasant but kind of depressing at the same time. I hate to see summer go.

Carly is up an on the go. She stopped using her crutches 2 days ago. Her first PT went well. They told her that her leg would have to stay straight for 6 weeks but the physical therapist went ahead and set the brace to 50. Since Monday, she'll be going to PT three days a week. Melissa knew of a PT facility close to the school and they take our insurance so we can got Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the same days we have soccer practice. I guess the kids will be doing homework at PT, the library, the soccer field or wherever we are parking our butts.

We've run into a bit of an issue with the housing situation and finances. Since my eldest started working, the state took half our benefits. I can't hardly make my 18 year old give me 2 weeks of her pay. Getting a loan while my name is still on this house apparently won't work. My eldest doesn't have enough job history to get a loan (she wants to live with me). I'm trying to find a job down there during the school day so I won't have to drive down and back twice and looking for someone to watch Nolan for about an hour and a half a day, somewhere between the house and school so Craig can drop him off. Carly went ahead and dropped off the soccer team since she can't play and to save some running and extra fees. Renting is really the last thing I want to do but I may not have an option. Sorry you asked? LOL

I guess I better get my running shoes on. Kristenne has an interview at 3:00. Carly has PT at 3:00. Thankfully they are close together! Then we are going to go hang out at the soccer field until 8:00pm. Bye bye day. School starts tomorrow. Craig rode along to the mall with Morganne, Kristenne and Carlynne. Morganne wanted to buy a few things and invited them to go. Morganne and Kristenne still don't have licenses. :(

Hope you all have a great day!

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

Checking in w/everyone. Looks busy for just about everyone! Busy for me was to take my sister to Blue Ash this AM to get her 1st cataract surgery. We had to be there at 6:15AM: ugh! Took a friend who's been staying with us to Ikea yesterday to get a couchfor her newly acquired apartment. I tried lingonberry jam for the first time, and it was tasty, sort of cranberryish. Bought a new pillow to try out. I hate to think of how old my favorite one is.
Saw the movie "Ruby Sparks" last weekend. About a writer who dreams up his ideal woman, and wakes up to find her living with him. I enjoyed it. I suppose it is a chick-flic, so I guess that means I'm a chick.
DS said the surgery seemed to take only 5 minutes, with no pain or discomfort. Her one pupil is still very dilated, which gives her a pretty menacing appearance!

My friend that I recently reconciled with called to let me know that his mother is dying of diabetes and sepsis. Please pray for a merciful release for Priscilla. She's had a very rough time.
Many thanks,

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Pat, I am so sorry to hear about Priscilla. I will pray for a quick passing that is painless.

I am going next week with a friend to see Hope Springs. They say it is a very funny movie. I am going with a friend, as DH dislikes movies of any kind, even the tv ones.

I am getting very disillustioned with our new pastor. He is just blowing off the mid week Bible Study and is only coming for the Sunday morning worship service. He called and left me a message to return his call while I was at Bible Study tonight, and I didn't think that it would be productive to talk to him while I was sort of upset. He has a day job driving a school bus, and had I been a real rat, I could have called about 10:00 tonight and woke him up, since he said that he gets up at 4:30 each morning. We have a Administrative Board meeting next week, and if he doesn't agree to be a full time minister by attending all church functions, I will recommend to the board to pay him by the hour instead of a monthly salary.

DH is putting in his DB's tobacco for him and he fell out of the barn and landed on his back on the wagon. He cut his head and his elbow. I bandaged him up, as he wouldn't go to the Dr. His DB's tobacco barn is falling down, and something like this happens every year.

His DB had surgery last Wednesday, took pneumonia after the surgery, and now has gotten MRSA. He was going to dismiss himself from the hospital, but they told him that the medicine that they are giving him intraveineously twice a day would cost him $450 per day, unless he was in a hospital or nursing home. He elected to go to a nursing home. In the hospital they had him in isolation, in the nursing home, he is going up and down the halls in a wheel chair visiting in patient's rooms. Wouldn't surprise me if the whole nursing home comes down with the MRSA. Told DH that I wouldn't be visiting, and if he did, he had better be prpepared to take a complete shower and wash his clothes when he got home.

Guess I need to go to bed and hope that I get up in a much better mood.

Joyce I like your rats comment, and you could insult someone by calling them by my BIL's name. Oscar!

Waddy, KY

Have to crow here a little. Youngest got her 5 seconds of fame.


It was great advertisement for the farm too.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Janet good show!

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

my $90 pay day turned into a big fat 0...
drove 25 miles to my first house , he fired me ! ??
went to my second house.... she weren't there ?
so i came home...
Pat sending healing thoughts to you and your friend.
Bonnie ouch on your Dh bro . hope he feels better soon.
well not much going on today. just a sour mood i guess.
great fun at the farmers market. Janet.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

Sue, If I'd driven 25 miles to get fired, I'd sue the guy for gas money! What is he? Amish with no phone? Pffffft to him is my verdict.

Bonnie, I have to ask, is your pastor getting paid full time by the church? Do you have a PPR committee? I ask because I have Methodist friends (yes, some of my best friends are Methodists,lol), and there's full time pay and part time pay, and it all needs to be carefully negotiated. He may not be a keeper, but it sure helps when everyone's expectations are clear in the beginning. BTW, I'm kind of horrified by the nursing home letting DBIL roam the place freely! Sorry abt DH's fall & hope it heals up quickly.

I'm feeling pretty punk myself today. I've had what I thought was tendonitis in my left wrist, which now looks more like a pinched nerve in my neck. So my neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist and thumb hurt like blazes. I'm trying to think of what remedies I haven't tried yet because it's gotten worse rather than better. I'm sure not going to sit at the puter very long tonite!

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Pat, this minister just came 2 weeks ago. Our District Superintendent assured us that he would be full time, should attend all scheduled events, visit the hospitals, homes etc. I am going to have a talk with him this Sunday, and find out just what his problem is about coming on Wednesday night. If that doesn't light a fire under him to start coming and participating, then I will have no alternative but to call the DS and let her take care of it. I am on the PPR committee, but not chairman. The chairman and I have already talked about it, and he is as unhappy as I am.

If it is a pinched nerve in your neck, the only thing that helps me is to visit the chiropractor and get an adjustment. Usually works, but the last episode I had with it, it took weeks of going several times a week for it to get better. Hope that is not the case with you.

Sue, I am so sorry about the job. Hope that you can replace that client and maybe come out ahead, if you can get one closer. I say Pfffft.

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

No Bonnie i m done with the house cleaning. I tried to help a friend out but honestly she is not reimbursing me for any fuel . So i will help her out one more week since she is in such bad health but honestly her family can help her...IMHO. Her husband is a lazy man.
Pat hope you feel better soon.
did one house today
went to thereapy

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

Funeral was Thursday and went well. It was a true celebration of a life well lived. I miss him something awful, but no tears.....he's with my mom and died a peaceful death. The poem he had picked out himself for his funeral tract was called "Going Home" and spoke of Jesus coming and personally walking him there.....I did cry when I first read that, but it has been comforting since then. Had 44 of us here after the service and burial. Had plenty of food thanks to my kids and Bertie (and me...) A good time was had by all telling stories of fun with Dad. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. I'm a little let down now, but I know this will pass.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

Joyce, I often think the the days after the funeral are more difficult than those immediately after a death. IT's when the house gets quiet that the reality of loss sets in. I'm glad you had such a good crowd, and it sounds like the funeral was touching and appropriate. I don't have any solution for the task of separation (I wish I did!) but just know that my thoughts and prayers are with you every day.

And thanks to everyone who was able to pray for Priscilla: she died at her home late Friday evening. Her 2 adult children are coping pretty well... relieved to see her pain at an end.

My pain got almost all better late yesterday, only to come back just as strongly as before. This makes me GRUMPY. Will probably try to see the doctor this week if it doesn't leave and stay gone.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Joyce, I am glad that the funeral was nice and uplifting. Especially the poem that he picked out himself. My DM did that, and only told my twin sister. None of the family could read it, but the pastor did and it just was so fitting for her. Stay strong. Tell Bertie that this will be a test of her friendship by being as close to you as she is.

Pat here's hoping that your pain subsides and stays gone. Being in pain will make anybody grumpy. Aww, so sorry to hear about Priscilla, but glad that she is not in pain anymore.

DH and his crew got through with the DBIL's tobacco today about noon. He is very happy that the stuff is in the barn and he doesn't have anything else on that farm is top priority right now. I think sometime the first week in September we are going to try to get a few days vacation in. Don't know where we will go but AWAY is the key word.

Seymour, IN(Zone 5b)

Cookie, I'm glad you had a good crowd at the funeral . It sounds like you will have many great memories of him. Dave's mother is 95 and still going strong. The matriarch holding his family together. She is so loved. She's told everyone to celebrate her good long life when she's gone and she will " catch up with everyone on the other side." I was blessed with the best MIL a girl good ever ask for and I'm glad she has such a positive outlook on life and death. But, I know it will be just as hard to lose her like you lost your father.

I had my orthoscopy on Friday. It went well. I will have the stiches out on Friday and learn about the therapy I have to have. I can walk pretty good if I take little steps. I only hurts when I bend the knee. So I sit down slowly and walk slowly and all is good. LOL

Bonnie I'm sure Wayne is tucker out. I'm glad you will get to get"away" for a little bit. Does he have to take care of his brother's horses also? I know that can be a real chore .

Sue, I'm sorta grouchy since the surgery, so the only thought that comes to mind is; " No good deed goes unpunished". I know that's a very negative outlook, but it is true so very often. I'm glad your over helping her out. You have have your hands full without it.

Michelle, did your tuberrose bloom this year? Mine has grown like crazy but hasn't put up any bloom stalks. Should I save it and hope for blooms next year?

Have a good week and stay cool everyone. Lou

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

Yes i do agree Lou. So glad your feeling better Lou. Take it slow and easy.
went into dayton today. got savannah new boots
went out to dinner
came home and am pretty tired.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Lou, you sound so positive, er, I guess. Glad your surgery is over and now to see about the therapy and complete healing. I bet you will feel like a new person. Or I hope the pain is at least gone.

DH fell out of the barn day before yesterday,and his one shoulder is hurting him so bad. I would bet that it is another torn rotator cuff. I am urging him to call the orthopaedic specialist tomorrow and get in to see what is going on. If it has to be surgery, I am so glad that there is nothing major farm wise going on, so that maybe he will be still long enough to heal.

No, DH doesn't have to take care of the horses on a daily basis. The DBIL has a hired guy who lives on his farm and that is his primary duty, feeding and working the horses.

Cincinnati, OH(Zone 6a)

You know, Lou and Bonnie, it looks like we might be able to call around for a group rate on some orthopedic visits!

My uncle turns 91 today. I don't think I'll try and drive to West Middletown to visit him, but I'll put in a call at least.


Waddy, KY

Sounds like everyone has been living all phases of life this past couple of weeks. Lou, I hope the PT does the trick and you get as much mobility back as you can. Painfree is a good word. Hope you're doing some better Pat. After having the pulled back and the pains shooting down my thigh and calf for almost 2 weeks I can appreciate the problems that folks with chronic pain must have.

Joyce, I guess if you're close to family there's no way around grieving when they pass on. Even though you know they've gone on to better things ti's something we have to work though. I'm glad you have some shoulders to lean on. Use them.

Canned some pickles, made a bunch of bread and am scalding a bushel of tomatoes to get in the freezer. Miranda has a microdiscectomy tomorrow and we have to be in Lexington by 6:30 to wait and wait. They said it should only take 45 minutes but I've blocked out the whole day. It'll be OP unless something doesn't go as planned.

Better get back to is. Market was good this weekend and I need to bake.

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Hey, y'all! I can't even begin to catch up with what everyone's been up to the last couple years (!?), but just wanted to say hello. I'd been on a few times during the "open house" special here for a couple of weeks, but wasn't going to re-subscribe. A garden angel gave me a year at DG, though, so I'm back! About the only folks I've been in touch with are on Facebook, so there are some gaps. :)

Franklin, OH(Zone 6a)

So good to see you! How's Howie? (That's fun to say!)

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

LOL yes i agree it is fun to say " How's Howie. "
glad to have you back GW. you have been missed. I do catch up with your FB and all your dog fun.
not much here to report
got 50 lbs of tomato's in my basement and hoping the last until friday when i can get them roasted down and made into more juice ! yum.

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

I started my day off with a phone call from my best friend. She told me her husband's had 3 job offers in the last week and they decided the one in Texas is too great of an opportunity for them to pass up. They hadn't talked to anyone about the interviews until they knew for sure, so this comes as a total shock and I'm really sad about it. We spend a lot of time with these guys, do something together every couple of weeks. :(

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Welcome back Gardenwife. It is so good to see you again. You were missed, even if you didn't get to see the comments about "where is gardenwife and howie"? that were uttered when you first left us.

Do you still have all your doggies and are they doing good? I have added a new one to my group. An almost solid white JRT who is sort of a rescue. He is doing great. Haven't convinced mr. B that there is room in my heart/life for another one though. He is coming around, just takes him awhile to get there. Is Howie doing good still? Well, enough questions, good to see you again.

Janet, I have forgotten what injury Miranda had/has. Sure hope the surgery goes well, and that there is little/no pain involved with the recovery.

We JUST HAVE TO DO LUNCH SOON. It has been way too long. Maybe we can have a phone chat to set up a time. Call me.

Today I am paying bills and balancing check books. DH said that the casino has a special buffet tonight, so if it means I don't have to cook and I can play the slots for awhile, I am all for it.

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Yes, we're all well. Our Emma is recovering from a fractured leg. See the previous thread for that.

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

Fresh bread, y'all!

I picked up a Zojirushi BBCC-N12 bread machine at a yard sale on Sunday. Ten bucks! :) It worked great on its maiden voyage in the house. I made the attached 100% whole wheat recipe, using fresh milk and including the optional wheat gluten. Great recipe!

Thumbnail by gardenwife Thumbnail by gardenwife Thumbnail by gardenwife Thumbnail by gardenwife
Waddy, KY

Ugh. Got back from the hospital around 2:00. Got Miss M in her bed and started working up cucumbers. I had the loveliest cucumbers this year and have ended up throwing out around six bushels of slicers because I couldn't get to them in time. Just breaks my heart to waste stuff. Hoping to do better next year.

Miranda had back surgery for a herniated disc. Hopefully this should take care of her back pain.

Bons, did you all get any rain? Finchville got 3/4ths of an inch. We got a shower here. I was hoping that the other place got some, otherwise I'm stringing hoses tomorrow. Pick a date for lunch. That's pretty much a rare occasion since retirement. How's DH's shoulder?

Gardenwife, good to hear from you again. Sorry your friend is moving. Good friends are hard to come by.

Sue, know what you mean about the tomatoes. I've got 4 crates out in the shop waiting in line. Don't know what to start with first sometimes.

Pleasureville, KY(Zone 6a)

Janet, we got over an inch of rain the other night. Wahoo, sure needed it. Our garden, except for turnips is about done. DH is giving his shoulder a few days to see if it is a strained/pulled muscle or more serious damage. His way of putting off, and putting off. Will see about the first week in Sept for lunch. DH and I are trying to get away for a few days, so will have those plans nailed down by the last of this week. I will call when I know what the vacation plans are. It sure seems a long time since we got together.

gardenwife, the bread looks really good. Wish I could run across some bargain like that.

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

GW are you kidding me !!! $10 bucks ! them things are hundreds of dollars oh i m sooooooo jealous !
here is my tattoo for jessica's memorial . i will be adding a photo to the tat later on , maybe in Dec ? one of the guys at the shop is a master at tattooing photo's .

Thumbnail by taynors
Waddy, KY

Another day in the neighborhood. Got a batch of salsa going, been washing jars. Then I guess I'll spend the rest of the day baking. I baked yesterday morning and planned to play catch up last night but by the time I'd gotten the squash picked and in the cooler it was late afternoon. Then Miranda asked for mashed potatoes and biscuits and how can you turn down someone that just had surgery on Tuesday? So we got supper fixed, got her a bath and changed her bandage. By that time there was no use in going home to start baking. I'm not sure we're going to need that much this weekend anyway. While it's Labor Day weekend and is usually a good market weekend, if the hurricane makes it to us people won't be coming out in the rain. Now I wish I had my cabbage and broccoli in the ground as well as my turnips and kale sowed. At least I can get busy and get some lettuce, chard and other stuff sowed in some float bed trays for transplanting. Still too much to get done.

Sue, that's a lovely design. Not something I could have stood to have had done but I understand your need to have memories. I just have an aversion to needles being used on me in particular. They'd have tattooed me on the floor because that's probably where I'd have been. LOL!!!

GW, good deal on the bread machine. One of the kids won a machine at the state fair a few years ago and I still haven't made the first loaf. Don't have room for the thing to be out for starters but just haven't done anything with it. I should and will someday.

Better get back to washing jars. Have a good day y'all!

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

That's good work, Sue. Is it going to have color, or are you leaving it monochromatic? I'm a wimp with needles and pain, too. I still get shocky and queasy with some things like IV's.

I'm going to hit the local Mennonite place, Ashery Farms, today for baking supplies. http://asheryfarms.com/ They're super-nice people and carry a great variety of dry goods, cheeses, baked goods, and jams. I need to replenish my baking supplies.

When that rotten derecho storm blew through June 29, we were without power 9 long days. The elastic straps and hooks on our gazebo canopy were damaged and we lost everything in the fridge and freezer ,but that was the extent of the damage. I had various baking supplies like wheat germ, cracked wheat, gluten, cornmeal, etc. in the freezer. Normally, it would have been fine, but when rotten meat surrounded it, it was a no brainer to just pitch the whole lot. So, I need to replenish the baking supplies!

According to one of the Alabama Power crews who worked on the lines by our house, our little neighborhood was the hardest hit out of the whole county. Tons of huge, healthy trees were shredded, so we were VERY fortunate not to lose the big trees on our lot or have damage to our house or cars. I posted some videos on showing the storm as it came through and the damage after it hit: http://www.gardenwife.com/june-29-2012-derecho-storm-in-licking-county-ohio/ I still have more footage to edit, but it's taken a back burner to other things.

none of ur business, OK(Zone 5b)

Gw yes it does have some color in the outling . the pic doesn't show a lot of the true colors and detail.
Yes that was a weird storm. Wow on the footage you have. i was out in the garden and watched it come in..... weird.... then scary..... then hit the basement LOL .It was like a wall of wind ?
oh the Ashery farms sound cool !
LOL to funny on the needles you two... yes it hurt like a dickens ! burned the whole way through... but feels better today.
did my last three houses today... tuesday i s tart the apple orchard job ! whoooo hooo. yes the angry umpahlumpa may be there. :) lets hope she is a bit cheerier this year then the last two years LOL ..... a girl can dream cant she ??
good night

Waddy, KY

Whoowee. Another weekend of markets over. Can't complain thought as they're going far to meet the bills around here. Didn't rain in Louisville until markets were over Saturday. We didn't get any to speak of Saturday night but we did get rain this afternoon just as we were unloading the trucks. Perfect timing and very welcome. There were several things I wish I'd have gotten done before it rained and planting cabbage was one of them but hey, I'm so glad to see rain I don't care.

Got some more tomatoes skinned and ready for the freezer last night. I was a pooped kitten before we got in bed last night. Got two kettles of apples on right now cooking to run through the strainer tomorrow for apple butter. The orchard has a lot of seconds apples from two hail storms and there's plenty of apples this year. The house really smells good right now. Think I'll try to get that done and some pickles in the jars tomorrow. I hope it rains off and on all day tomorrow.

Nite all....

Newark, OH(Zone 5b)

I bet your house smelled GREAT. I love apple butter!

We went to our best friends' for dinner last night. Ben starts his job in Austin on Thursday, so is heading out this evening. Shawna's wrapping up things with her job and everything here for a few more weeks. She's having a moving company do a lot of the packing up since she's swamped, but I'm going to help her do the garage clean-up and packing two weeks from Monday. She'll head down to Texas with her son a few days after that. *Sob* I'm really bummed.

They told us they already talked about it and want to buy one of our two airline tickets to come down and visit them in a few months. How sweet is that? We think that would be a nice way to spend our anniversary next February, maybe.

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