I'm back...

Scranton, PA(Zone 5b)

Hello everyone!

This year has been a whirlwind of "stuff," I know atleast 2 of you I'm friends with on Facebook, so you know somethings that have been going on. I did send personal dmails with a few people on DG to keep them abreast. I did miss the forum.

I'll try to do this in a nutshell. Try...

In March of this year, I slipped, fell, and had a 50% tare of my Quadracep ligament off of my knee, and had surgery to repair it. I was out for a little over 4 months. During this time there was some family "stuff" that went on, and Tom (no H) and I decided we were going to start looking for a home in the country, and we found the home we are living in now. 2.5 acres. Ranch, newer home (compared to the last home) We also purchased a Neapolitan Mastiff, his name is Masso (Italian for bolder, and it's very apropos).

So, new house, new life, new pets, new place, new new and new. :-)

I'm just at a much better place in my life than I was a year and a half ago.

Thank you for keeping in contact with me and for reading, or posting on Facebook when you did :-)

The pic is of Masso from 3-4 days ago, he just turned 8 months old on the 7th...

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Pepperell, MA(Zone 6a)

welcome back!

Scranton, PA(Zone 5b)

Thank you Bill, I have to go back and see how many walls you built since last time I checked :-)

Pepperell, MA(Zone 6a)

just go to the different project threads there is some big doings

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central, NJ(Zone 6b)

Welcome back!

Scranton, PA(Zone 5b)

Bill, that is simply stunning!

I believe you've answered this a time or two, but do you "harvest" all of your stone from around your home, or are you purchasing the stone?

Thomaston, CT

Hi Thom....so glad to have you post...it sounds as if life is coming together for you & that's really good news.....Masso is ugly-cute....I know Neos, a neighbor of mine has one.....Baxter is very mellow, very drooly!

(Ronnie), PA(Zone 6b)

Hi Thom, welcome back...Love Masso!

Pepperell, MA(Zone 6a)

purchase stone - that is cheating!

i collect it here and a friend in town lets me collect off her property that has old buried walls surrounding it.

Sherrie In, NH(Zone 5a)

Hi Thom.


Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

Just saw this. Hey, Thom. Masso is definitely ugly cute! Lily across the street is about a year old and tan. She is so very gentle. Love their faces.

Hope your knee is continuing to heal well. Did you move a lot of your plants to the new place?

Scranton, PA(Zone 5b)

Hey Jan,

I moved every daylily (a smidge over 200+) plus all of the hosta (just shy of 175), numerous other odds and ends; peony, iris, a few shrubs, small trees, and some other things.

I'm now wondering if bringing all of the hosta up here was such a smart idea. The property is pretty much a giant rectangle, BUT, it's not fenced, which is both good and bad, but there are tons of deer, bear, raccoons, and other things. The turkeys are what drive me nuts the most, they are extremely loud, and brazen. They don't run from the dogs, or us anymore. They just trample through everything.

I'm trying to get everything before the weather starts getting colder, we are actually in an almost full zone colder now. More north than what we were, but up on a mountain, and in a huge dell. We are also blessed with lakes everywhere, so tons of skeeters, dragonflies(didn't realize they bite), and ticks.

Eventually we would like to get chickens, the whole area has no zoning...woohoo.

I need to get a ton of dirt delivered, and even more mulch.

I'll be taking pics when it gets done.

I dug up all of the DLs and Hostas, and other plants while wearing a knee brace. lol

Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

I didn't realize dragonflies bit either.

Maybe some fencing is in your future to keep the critters at bay. However that wouldn't do much to keep the turkeys out. Sigh

Thomaston, CT

The place sounds idyllic, Thom....would love to see photos....yes, turkeys are a problem here, they ate my coral bells......

central, NJ(Zone 6b)

saw some turkeys today at the edge of a soybean field

Scranton, PA(Zone 5b)

I've never wanted nor even thought of owning a firearm...now...lol. I don't know if there is a Hav a heart trap big enough for turkeys. lol. I really think that I will have more problems, in the future, with turkeys, over deer. I saw, at two different times, 2 separate flocks(not sure if that's what turkeys are called in groups.) 1 group had 5 turkeys, the other had 4.

I'm also having a huge mole problem, their holes are everywhere...certain parts of the yard look like swiss cheese. I'm going to be getting 2 barn cats, I hope they do the job.

I was told wild turkeys shouldn't be shot until the fall, because they aren't mature, are wormy, and gamey tasting. I'll see what happens when autumn comes. lol

South China, ME(Zone 5a)

Hi Thom, I'm so sorry to hear of all the hurdles you've had to leap but glad your back with us here on DG! Your new place sounds like heaven, minus the turkeys and moles. :) Can't believe you moved all those DL's & hosta's, my hats off to you!!!

BTW, a group of 5 turkeys is not bad...we have crowds as large as 22 come across the field sometimes. Speaking of 22's (grin) I have one of my own, not a big gun, easy to use, and most importantly...effective!!

Thomaston, CT

My stepson says the breast on a wild turkey is edible....bake it in a bag with liquid.....

Pepperell, MA(Zone 6a)

never had problems with turkey's here with the yard - other than giving themselves dust baths in my horseshoe pits and causing me to get more clay. There have been flocks like celeste has here.

Scranton, PA(Zone 5b)

So far, haven't had a problem, beside them stopping to dust bath, and do their rooster noises right outside my bedroom window. Living in the country is quiet, except for that. We heard coyote a few weeks back, that sounded terribly awful; thought someone was getting murdered, or worse.

Since we've moved in, and the dogs go out every 2 hours, give or take, the deer don't really come around anymore. Masso wouldn't be able to catch them, after a 50 yard dash he's pretty done. Theta on the other hand, I'd be afraid what would happen if she did catch one.

Masso is a big smusher face. They definitely are not the breed for everyone. We are waiting to hear back from the breeder, we want to get a female, and she will (essentially) be Masso's wife. We are starting him with handling classes, and he has his first potential show in October, in New Jersey. Cross our fingers he doesn't try to eat a judge >,<

Fairfield County, CT(Zone 6b)

Thom -good to have you posting on DG again!

central, NJ(Zone 6b)

I heard wild turkey (no matter what time of year )are gamey, it's because their muscles are overworked from all the roaming they do
I love Mastiffs but couldn't handle all that slobber, I like the American Mastiff cause they have smaller jowls

Yeah I can't believe you moved all those plants either, hats off to you!!!!

Southwest , NH(Zone 5b)

Welcome back, Thom....glad to hear life is good for you!

Scranton, PA(Zone 5b)

I showed Tom the pics from Bill's stream and pond and his eyes got about as big as saucers, and he was like, "I want that." I informed him that I am not even a 10th of the talent of Bill, and when it comes to stone, we don't have nearly enough to do what Bill did. I have a funny feeling next Spring we will be installing a huge pond out front. lol

Fairfield County, CT(Zone 6b)

A doggie wading pool!

Salem Cnty, NJ(Zone 7b)

All our eyes got big when we saw wha's masterpiece. Yes, I have pond lust.

Lower Hudson Valley, NY(Zone 6b)

Hey Thom - welcome back! Still catching up on threads since returning from vacation.

Denville, NJ(Zone 6b)

hey Thom.. nice to see you!!!

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