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BRUGMANSIAS.. Now that Spring is almost here..

Clifton Springs, Australia

You can feel it in the air...all the Brugmansias know it's coming.
They are all starting to move and some are starting to put out their buds...
Lots of chat last month and there wasn't much in flower, but we still had lots of interesting discussions...
Now that Spring is almost here, the planting will soon start and the dreams will begin again.

I did hope that we might have a new Sphaero this still might happen, if not, then there's always next year....
Here is my Sanguinea, so at least we have a representative of the Sphaero family....
We came from here

Thumbnail by Seachanger
Sydney, Australia

Congratulations Dianne ...well done !

Which one is it ?

Clifton Springs, Australia

Sorry to confuse you Chrissy, but this is a Sanguinea that I bought...not a seedling that I grew...

Without a doubt, the Brugmansia that has been the best all winter in my garden, has been Tantra...
I pollinated it in autumn and it has held the pods and continued to flower all winter....I like it because it's a slow grower, so it doesn't take much maintenance at all and lives very happily in a large pot.
The flowers in the pic are finished but there are a lot more buds to open still.

The postman delivered my parcel from BGI labels, more vials, vial box, new colour chart and better
pollen collecting I'm ready!!!!!


Thumbnail by Seachanger
Sydney, Australia

Ooopsy I can't see Brugmansia in the heading could you do it again and insert this thread into it ? else people may not know it is a Brug thread. Just use your picture again.


Merino, Australia

Hooray, sun..........
The sun has been out all day here. Spring is definitely around the corner.
Dianne, I have to say that you all know my favorite year round brug........need I name

Mango Cornet is now running a close second. It has bloomed most of the winter and still putting out buds. .
Hyacinth Bouquet is still holding 2 buds but 2 were blown off in the strong wind we had over the last few days.

All the brugs are getting nice and green again after a bit of winter yellow.
I have told them all I expect great things this year.
My pods are growing. Those on Senorita Rosada are now about 4 1/2 "long.
The mystery ones on the aurea are so large one could make a decent meal with them...

I have all my new seeds ready to plant so lots of new babies expected..

Clifton Springs, Australia

I've asked Admin to put it in for me, Chrissy...hopefully by tomorrow morning it will be done.

Apart from "you know who" Jean...that Mango Cornet has been a good performer hasn't it.
Shaun, you are creating records all over the place, have you got them all on steroids? lol

Sydney, Australia

Thanks Dianne ^_^

Gosh your parcel from BGI sounds exciting. I have to say Ivoire has thrilled me over these cold days, it is the most lovely almost edible light lemony creamy colour ...funnily enough the colour of the Desert Zabaglione after which it's daddy is named no doubt.
It's a beautiful little Brug !

Jean ...the Brug seeds await ...the pregnant pause ! ...I have so many everywhere you look, in their little tents, when the Puter Geek came in, he nearly had a fit seeing all the little seedlings.
He looked at me like you would look at a right nutter *giggle*. I think he thought I must collect baby seedlings instead of cats. After looking at Hoarders, I was wondering if you could be called a hoarder of seedlings (yes, I think I got carried away). these were just testing each lot of seeds I bought (not to mention my own yet).
Sheesh ...after this lot go out, it will be planting 5 or 10 a week so I can stagger them.

Great fun ahead ! (says she with fingers crossed for friendly weather). Better grow lots of Spinach, I am going to need it !
What about you ? ^_^

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Chrissy sounds like a seedling nursery there so it will be looking like my place 2 x4 shelved hothouses, 1x 3 shelved hot house all full up with seeds that is 22 trays with 20 pots on each my hands sore my nails i have none i also have about 50 seed lots in doors also in Humidy Cribs this is where the seeds pop so quickly.
Dianne im not doing records i just let the seeds do what comes natural GERMINATE hahahahha

I have had a very disappointing winter as i have probably had 30-40 flowers in the last 4 months but i have noticed that 'Culebra' has buds all over it Aztec Gold is budding up also most of the others will be coming along with there own stories soon, Can't wait!!!!!!

hope all are preparing for the onslaught of Spring and getting as many seeds in as possible
I have been washing 3" 6" 8&12" pots over the winter in Bleach to kill of what dreaded nasties lurk in the pits of the pots.

I am now prepared at my sister-in-laws and ready to put around 200 seedlings in 8"pots over there in about 3-4 weeks were they can stay till they bloom in the next 12-18months.
I will also be getting professional potting mix designed for Brugmansia from BioGro
Thank you PAM

Over the Winter i have lost many seed pods as they were immature and the frost caught them GGGRRrrrrrr but i do have a few choice pods tantra XEcuador Pink, OA X.EP, OA x.FP, FP x.EP and DP'n'G x.Ivoire and a few more on Tantra, I hope that all of your pods are doing well also

Sydney, Australia

Shaun that DP'n'G x Ivoire should be a little rippa !

So you aren't keeping a record ? what if you want to pursue some special traits ? if you don't know the cross ?
Just wondering ? I bet there will be lots of Noids around, lots of beauties too.

Special mix ? that will be interesting, how are the ones planted with fish going ?

Yes some stems froze off on the exposed pods here, once the stem is gone that's it. Funnily some of the immature seeds sprouted anyway. Still lots out there.


Clifton Springs, Australia

I'll second that, DP&G x Ivoire....think of all the pink in there...whoo hoo...

Chrissy, I think that Shaun is referring to the comment that I made about his DP&G seeds OS.....4 months to flower and his Maya seeds germinating so quickly...that sort of record....

My Culebra is just sitting, it probably needs a boost....

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Chrissy i have a database full of information on the what's where's when's & who's of brugmansia so i do keep recorded info such as sow, weather/temp, germ, repot, pot up, any special traits that may pop up which i have not had yet!

the record is of that of the quickest seed to germinate which is being refereed

The seedlings that had the fish in the pots are all doing well they did very well before the winter and grew 2-3 times quicker then those that did not get the fish,
I am now putting fish in the pots of all seedlings that come throw my hands when they get put in to 8"+ for there final pots which i expect to see some plants bloom in the Autumn with this method but like brugs they will do as they please when they please but it's that final push when we see the 'Y' we get all giddy and butterfly's in the stomach and the a bloom that is so unexpected WOW

Sydney, Australia

Ok, I misunderstood, I thought it sounded weird :)

The quickest seed ...yes that makes sense ...unbelievable how quick that baby popped a bud !
Very exciting !
Can't wait to see the result !


Sydney, Australia

Many thanks to the Moderator ^_^

Yes 28C today, tonight back to very cool temps again (this usually means a storm when the cool wind comes into the warm air), oh well such is a gardeners lot ^_^

We have had a large palm tree come down up at the duplex, so that is the drama for now, luckily no tenants were parked where it fell and no damage to the building, the palm now has to be cut to pieces and removed, also the other 4 over the next few months. I loved them, but we can't have that danger present, it's a timely warning.


Sydney, Australia

What a sad day ...
the news coming through that Australia has lost one of the best

RIP Colin Campbell
We will miss you mate


Clifton Springs, Australia

A good man gone....we'll miss his presence on Gardening Australia.


Sydney, Australia

What a wild night ...last night was a real doozie ! we really copped it here and everywhere I think, hope every one and their garden is in one piece today.

Friday again it comes, the weekend and SPRING (well after hopefully the last bout of frost next week).

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Here is something to wet your appetite

Thumbnail by SolMan
Sydney, Australia

Might need some of those lovely fakes if this lousy weather does not go away ...%^$&* wind/storms ...

Hey Shaun you should import some of those ...were they silk or plastic ?


Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

Chrissy they were latex very pretty

Sydney, Australia

Thanks very interesting ^_^


Merino, Australia

Noy a loy going on here at the moment. Too wet & windy to do anything . The brugs have a few torn leaves after the wind but are looking good.

Hyacinth is determined to hang on to her last 2 buds.
Mango Cornet is putting on even more buds.
My pods are growing well.
Shaun, I should show that pic to the brugs so they know how to look when in flower .
More rain today and a few very cold days forecast.

Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

im thinking about getting some gil thinks that thay may only be a few inches long but i saw a aurea type yellow also

Clifton Springs, Australia

It has been so cold here this week, that most of the Brugmansias growing in the garden are skeletons......Pink Panther and Ivoire are the only ones above the fence line that have kept their leaves.....
GHA has been cut right back so it's below the fence and quite snug....
Poor Joseph's Coat has 2 pods hanging from it's bare branches, it looks a will be happier next year in a pot in a sheltered position.

The sun is shining this morning, but it doesn't look too promising....
Hyacinth B is a good girl, Jean....she's determined to show how pretty she is.
Resist them Shaun...they are pretty little dust catchers...and Gil is right, they do look small...

Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger
Sydney, Australia

You know what ?
Dust catchers is correct.
Once I would have but, don't need anymore dust catchers these days ^_^

Dianne your pictures look much like my garden, mostly naked Brug Branches and twigs.
it's so cruel to make our poor babies think it's a warm Spring day, then have them bashed by icy winds and storms.Not to mention 30C then frost !

They are so amazing once that stops though !
Always reminding me of Jack's magic bean ...they rocket away skyward like something magical.
Can't wait.
I have put off the feeding until next weekend as we are expecting frost mid week (hope they are wrong).
Enjoy your day everyone !


Brisbane, Australia

Chrissy's FFA giving me a nice end of Winter flush. Our Winters here in Brisbane are not as severe as you folks in the south get so no bare branches as can be seen in your pics Dianne.

My Clementine(in a pot) has started to bloom now. Two of the first 4 blooms are deformed but I gather that is par for the course with this one.

Predicted storm for yesterday did not eventuate(pity) so we are still in 'drought'... no rain at my place for 37 days.

Thumbnail by boolarong204
Merino, Australia

I went out between showers to take a few pics of the brugs.

Some are looking a bit more yellow on top now, but most are still nice and leafy.
There are small buds forming but most fall off in the cold.
Still the darlings keep trying so I hope they keep it up and give me lots of flowers in spring /summer. ..

pic 1.. some of the brugs in the partly sheltered corner
pic 2..some of the brugs in the open shadehouse, mostly the sphaeros. Colleens winter hippie now open in the front.
pic 3 ..Frosty Pink ( left) and Elfin Pink ( right) out in the orchard.
pic 4..GHA and the Iochromas.
pic 5 ..Mango Cornet peeping over the smaller brugs under the old cypress tree.


Thumbnail by 77sunset Thumbnail by 77sunset Thumbnail by 77sunset Thumbnail by 77sunset Thumbnail by 77sunset
Merino, Australia

More of the brugs down the back and some of the smaller ones in the shadehouse.

Thumbnail by 77sunset Thumbnail by 77sunset
Clifton Springs, Australia

Allan, I know that you don't get bald Brugs, no rain where you are, it must be the only place except for Tassie that isn't drowning... but Jean are you sure that you are in Victoria? lol

They all look terrific.....Mango Cornet is lovely......I hadn't realised just how nice the flower is....

Clifton Springs, Australia

Allan, last year I had a flush of these unusual Clementine flowers, perfume was the same, but how different was the flower!!!
Not unattractive just very different.....very waxy too...

Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger
Merino, Australia

Dianne, one of the reasons I like Mango is that is looks you in the eye like the aureas.
No saggy baggy flower here.
Love the strong color even here in the winter too.

The sun is shining now, trying to entice me out, but I know better.
As soon as I get out and away from the house, it rains on

The only time Clementine flowered for me , she had lovely flowers at first ( pic 1 ) then this funny one , like yours. (pic 2 )
She is a bubbly one isnt she ?

Thumbnail by 77sunset Thumbnail by 77sunset
Clifton Springs, Australia

I'm beginning to think that it might be better than Buck's Fizz, Jean.....I'll wait 'till my 2 Mango Crush ones flower again, then someone will have to go....

This Angels Swingtime x Mango Crush is the better of the 2 siblings, the other has very short petal tips.
I say that, then when I look at the summer pics of BF, I couldn't let him go...

Thumbnail by Seachanger Thumbnail by Seachanger
Croydon, Australia(Zone 9a)

all of those plants are looking do good even when striped down the blooms stand tall and scream

Allan even with deformed blooms it's still better then no flowers like me hahahaha
but many plants are budding up now with the warmer weather coming throw in the last week
we only had 2 days where it weather was so cold that even the Eskimo are getting heaters to say warm hahahaha

Jean i hope that your arm is better or on it's way my thoughts are with you


Brisbane, Australia

Dianne... Really like your Angel's Swingtime X Mango Crush!! I assume that this seedling is still in the early stages of being trialled? Also your Summer photo of BF is quite stunning. I have no room to grow BF but might have to get someone to send me a little pollen next year to use in my hybridizing perhaps.

Have a few seeds starting to germinate now from the OS ones which I sowed a couple of weeks back!! Also sowed a few more today ( Rubirosa X Sam) which I received in the mail just last week from Eliz Fichtl.


Clifton Springs, Australia

Yes, Allan .....I had 3 seedlings of A.Swingtime x MC....2 flowered for the first time in Autumn, one to go....
Just ask and if I'm sure that BF pollen will be available....I'll have some in the freezer anyway...
Good luck with your seedlings..

Did you know that now 3 of Shaun's Dwarf Pink n Green have "Y" at 4 mnths in the US?
I really think that growing them in the veggie garden must have had something to do with it...I don't know how, but it seems to be to much of a coincidence....they have beans on one side....maybe the nitrogen boost..
Others over there are growing them and not getting the early


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Sydney, Australia

What an interesting subject re early Y -ing of Shaun's seedlings over the pond.
I am really looking forward to the resulting blooms, I sure hope they open before they freeze.

I thought I would post this link which has a great companion planting chart in it.

Of course we will plant some legumes near some of our Brugs now.

Isn't it amazing that we can now start to pick and choose amongst the colours and forms ? it's just the start !
Imagine a couple of years down the track, we will be spoilt for choice.

I like Clementine in it's frizzled mode, it looks like has little flames burning away within.

Allan are you sure you don't have room for BF ? is isn't as rampant as most of the others. I feel it is an important one for Genes.
I am happy to send you a cutting or two (I don't feel confident re pollen). However if you don't want it ...good luck with the pollen, I am sure someone will supply you with pollen.

Jean your plants are looking great as usual, I hope they reward you this Spring. Your poor shoulder , take care with that.

I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday, I hope it warms up a bit.


Sydney, Australia

I loved this !

Thumbnail by chrissy100
Brisbane, Australia

Dianne.. Yes, very impressive 4 months from seed to 'Y' and, if you have a vege garden with beans or other legumes by all means try it BUT I personally think that the extra nitrogen will produce good fast leaf growth and not flowering. I suspect it has something to do with what fertilizer they are using. About 6 months ago I started using a soluable fertilizer named "Krista K Plus" made by Yara on my brugs(as well as my hibiscus) It is mainly potassium but also some nitrogen. By Googling it you will see what it coinsists of. It comes in 25 kg bags only which would take many years for one person to use but I re-package it into 1 kg lots and share it with by hibiscus grower friends. By using it in small doses on a regular basis it certainly does produce early fkowering. I am keen to try it on my brug seedlings when they are big enough..
I also wonder if the person in the US is perhaps using some of those synthetic hormone bloom buster ingredients that some people use in their 'secret' indoor gardens?? Perhaps a visit to a hydroponic shop would be in order?

Chrissy, thanks for the offer but I really do not have room for BF as I have to leave enough room for some of my new brug seedlings. I will try the pollen. If all alse fails I still have some BF genes in BB and MC


Sydney, Australia

Yes potassium is more likely the thing that would cause better flowering, early ? weather can play a part in that too.
Who hasn't thrown a watermelon seed down and found it blooming in a month in Autumn.
The difference is that Al has not experienced this with any seedlings before, and is searching for answers. The only thing he can think of is the beans.
I have never heard of Krista K Plus is it a QLD thing ?
I must google.

Yes the Genes of BF are present in BB and MC ^_^ and what a lovely mix they are too.


Clifton Springs, Australia

Allan, this is from Al who has the early flowering seedlings.......

"Nitrogen-fixing bacteria form symbiotically connected nodules to the roots of the legume and supply the LEGUME with nitrogern from the soil that would otherwise not be (as) available.

Does that mean that the N-Fixing Bact. are ADDING nitrogen to the Bruggie babies OR are they Preventing the bruggies from getting it??????? - Stealing it from the surrounding soil and giving it to the beans.

I've added zero outside fert. other than what is organically in the soil to begin with.

The brugs' leaves all look good & green (& greenish-blue in the case of cross #1) by this I mean that None of them looks Nitrogen-starved.

But I wonder if the nodules-beans-companion-situation means that the beans are Supplimenting the brugs OR Stressing them"........

So you can see what a mystery this is.....others aren't getting the early Y so it's something that Al is doing.....


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