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My sick phlox

Louisville, KY(Zone 6a)

For the first time in my gardening phlox did not bloom. Not a single plant had a single bloom. The folliage is grey and spotted. I primarily grow roses, so I spray my phlox with Bayer fungicide when I spray my roses. I have no idea what happened and am so disappointed. Should I cut them back to the ground? Should I spray with something else? My garden looks so sad with no bright phlox blooms to brighten the August garden. I appreciate any answer and thank you for your time. I really don`t know what happened!! lesley

Hannibal, NY(Zone 6a)

Hi Lesley!

I assume these are phlox paniculata?

It sounds like powdery mildew, as you probably know, is the culprit for the grey leaves. Was it a particularly wet year for you?

It sounds like you're talking about a few different phlox? If it's one group, they probably need to be divided. Phlox really are not a low maintenance plant. You need to spray for mildew as you did, and keep their feet moist, and also they are heavy feeders, so Miracle Gro every two weeks is not excessive, along with a 10-10-10 in spring.

It's possible the grey leaves are from something else other than mildew, like spider mites, but I still wouldn't think it would keep them from blooming.

How many different plants, and how many cultivars are we talking about?

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