What Australian Native Seeds for Uganda?

Arua, Uganda(Zone 11)

I am living in Northern Uganda and someone has offered to bring out seeds of Native Australian flowers. I am particularly interested in shrubs and Trees and perennials. What should I ask them to bring out?

The climate out here in Uganda is warm with a pronounced dry season in Dec to April but mostly wet at other times. It does not get cold but neither is it consistently hot and humid. My guess is similar to Queensland?? Any Ideas of what would grow? Would Banksia grow here? Thanks for all ideas!

Merino, Australia

Banksia and its relatives does best in sandy soil. There are lots of natives like the grevilleas and callistemons which are hardy in most places & soils.
Some of the larger correas also seem to do well in a lot of dry areas.
Even though Australian natives are very hardy once established, they still need a bit of care when first planted.
I usually tend them for the first year then forget about them.

Arua, Uganda(Zone 11)

So you think that Banksia would grow even in warmer climates?

What about Backhousia, Boronia, Eremophila, Hymenosporum flavum, Kunzea and Mealeuca. Do you know if they are easy to grow from seed?

Thanks for the ideas!

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