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What new plants have you just put in the ground?

(Zone 4b)

With summer winding down I am always interested as to what DG members have very recently put in the ground (must be bought *new* sometime this season).

I'll start.

Today I bought and then planted these 4 perennials:

- Oenothera fremontii 'Shimmer'

- Thalictrum aquilegiifolium 'Sparkler'

- Thalictrum delavayi 'Hewett's Double'

- Kalimeris incisa ‘Blue Star’

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Kiowa, CO(Zone 5b)

I got some goodies off the $1 table:(Lowes) Clematis Victoria (2), Clematis Honora (2), Clematis (?)(1). SCORE!!!!! LOL.
From a local nursery(ok, it's 60 miles from home but....), Rosa Wichurana, Baptisia austraulis, Thermopsis montana, Platycodon grandiflorus Hakone Blue, Antirrhinum braun-bianquetii, Nepeta fassenil Six Hills, Autumn Crescendo Mum, Helenium Rotgold (red/gold), Osteospurmum Avalanche, Thalictrum delvayi, Veronica x Reavis Crystal River. All from the $1 table. How's that for a haul??? LOL. I'll be going back there in a few weeks to see what they've added.......Just got so not in the ground yet..

Oh and I got scads of goodies from trades here at Dave's, thankyou allllll....Now that the temps are cooling off planting will begin soon, most things were put in pots til the heat of the summer was ousted!!!!! LOL...

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(Zone 4b)

Quote from warriorswisdomkathy :
Rosa Wichurana, Baptisia austraulis, Thermopsis montana, Platycodon grandiflorus Hakone Blue, Antirrhinum braun-bianquetii, Nepeta fassenil Six Hills, Autumn Crescendo Mum, Helenium Rotgold (red/gold), Osteospurmum Avalanche, Thalictrum delvayi, Veronica x Reavis Crystal River.

How's that for a haul??? I'll be going back there in a few weeks to see what they've added.........

Outstanding 'kathy' . We are all proud (and envious) of your sooo many acquisitions! I am extra envious as you must have a large property allowing you to plant so many items.

Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)

Miscanthus Strictus, Miscanthus Gracillimus, Austin Rose Jude the Obscure, Austin Rose The Ingenious Mr. Fairchild, Harkness Rose Jacquelyn DuPre.

I put in a ton of stuff from my old house (we turn it over to the excited new owners on September 28) but that doesn't count because I did not purchase them new.

And that doesn't count the three peonies (Mrs. FDR and 2 Burma Midnight), three kinds of daffodils (Mt. Hood, Mrs. Backhouse and WP Milner), alliums and chionodoxa that will be arriving any day now.

(Zone 4b)

Quote from DonnaMack :
I put in a ton of stuff from my old house (we turn it over to the excited new owners on September 28)

Do you mean that you dug up some favourites from your old place to bring to your new place?

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

YARROW, PENSTEMON, DAYLILY ,The last will go in the ground in a couple of weeks.
I almost forgot about a new Coneflower that I just planted recently. Thought I would try a few hot weather dryland, or xeriscape plants since those are all that seemed to do as well as usual this year.

(Zone 4b)

Quote from juhur7 :

I am curious as to which variety of YARROW and PENSTEMON?

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

Yarrow ptarmica "Nobleessa" Penstemon " "Sunburst Ruby" ,and "Dark Towers " I will be dividing yarrow "Coronation Gold" and some species true when the weather allows.

(Zone 4b)

I love lots of things about my Yarrow "Strawberry Seduction" but what I don't like is that it flops during its first round of flowers.

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

The Coronation Gold wants to reach and flop also unless you put it someplace like the middle of the Loves lots of sun and heat.

Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)


Oh, absolutely I took plants from my house! My garden was so mature that it was at the point where you need to cut back and divide. And lots of my plants had thrown off seedlings that I could simply take without disturbing the main clump. Gardening had become a lot less fun because it was almost impossible to add anything. I was growing inpots a lot.

First I took almost all of my lilies. They were hiding in the ground. I took about 60.

I took sections or offsets of:

Nepeta Dawn to Dusk
Nepeta Snowflake
Nepeta Souvenir D'Andre Chaudron
A Nepeta Six Hills Giant I didn't install but found last week
Salvia tesquicola I seeded that started out as three plants, but became 20
7 heuchera Firefly I had grown from seed
Several feverfew tetra strain I seeded (there are about 50 in my yard)
Athyrium nipponicum pictum (an offset)
Athyrium nipponicum Ursula's Red (one of two)
Anemone Hybrida Honorine Jobert (2 of at least 20)
Allium ramosum clumps (there were tons)
Allium christophii (there were at least 100)
Allium oreophyllum clumps
Allium schearocephalen clumps (many left)
2 Rose Marie Pavie
Peony Festiva Maxima
Peony Lady Alexandra Duff
Peony Kansas
Peony Moonstone
Peony White Frost
Peony Burma Ruby
Peony Lois
Hydrangea querquefolia Snowflake
Several fragaria vesca reugen I had grown from seed
Miscanthus giganteous clump that appeared in a bed near the original plant
Parsley sections
Salvia Swan Lake
Polemonium caeruleum plants I had grown from seed - lots left
2 clumps of epimedium x versicolor sulphurum (I still have three feet of it that should be divided)
Campanula Bernice (1 of 3)
Digitalis grandiflora (my original one had become 8)
Cynoglossum (it had spread all over the yard)
Japanese variegated Kerria
Deutzia Chardonnay
Bergenia Winterglut I had grown from seed
Chasmanthium latifolium (seeds like crazy)

The amazing thing is that you cannot tell that things are missing. I had about 55 ornamental grasses, and I have lots of ornamental trees and shrubs like a Paperbark Maple, a big Yoshino cherry, two crabapples, a pagoda Dogwood, 5 fothergilla gardenii, 5 smokebushes, 8 lilacs, 14 bayberries and an assortment of viburnums, 20 roses and some hydrangeas. I couldn't realistically take any of that.

The cost of replacing what I took with new plants would have been in the hundreds of dollars - if you could find some of the plants. And I learned that a lot of "rules of gardening" are just nonsense.

My new yard, with it's new purchases along with these, looks very nice!

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Olathe, KS(Zone 5a)

Donna - you are my hero.

Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)

LOL! You are adorable.

(Zone 4b)

Quote from carolmo :
Donna - you are my hero.

Ditto, ditto!

Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)

You two are sweet!

(Zone 4b)

Quote from DonnaMack :
Gardening had become a lot less fun because it was almost impossible to add anything. [/quote]

Donna, so was one of the main impetuses for moving lack of garden space? After 4 seasons of concentrated perennial gardening I am now at that point ie no more space. Next season all I can really do is 'shuffle the deck' or hope for some winter kill!

First I took almost all of my lilies. They were hiding in the ground. I took about 60.

I took sections or offsets of:

I am curious as to the time-line of this operation. Did you have access to your new home in advance of giving up your existing home thereby allowing you to much more easily transfer those dug up plants?

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Pretoria, South Africa


Did your peonies form seed? I was wondering if it is possible to grow them that way. Peonies aren't readily available in SA. Last year one of the nurseries advertised some corms, but at that time they were just too expensive. I however decided that I would budget for some this year, and now, as you have guessed, they don't offer them. Would love to grow some though. No matter how long I have to wait for flowers...


Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)

The peonies were not from seed, but Steve FortWorth (now SteveGreenville) has very kindly gifted me several peonies in October of 2008 - six, in fact. I was able to dig those up largely intact, and I immediately in April of 2011 and put them into pots. I then put them in an unheated garage over the winter and put them into the ground in spring of 2012. Then I went back and decided to dig up a Lady Alexandra Duff I had installed in 2005 (just LOVE that one) and a Kansas I had installed in about 2003 that had never bloomed properly. I figured, what the heck. I could try to take them and have them fail, or I would need to be buy new ones.

The results were mixed, but a few actually moved forward. Lois had never produced more than one flower (a Steve gift), but this year - POW! I put it in the midst of the salvia tesquicola I had grown from seed, and it worked. Burma Ruby didn't miss a beat. (not pictured) Pic. 1

Now I did have to leave three of my most sumptuous peonies. Festiva Maxima Pic 2.

Mrs. FDR (foreground) and Cornelia Shaylor in the rear Pic. 3

They were just huge. But Steve had given me a new Festiva Maxima, and I ordered Mrs. FDR from Old House Gardens at a bargain price.

The one peony I can't replace that I would want again is Cornelia Shaylor - It appears to be out of commerce. Freaking huge, requiring serious staking, and worth the effort. Pic 4.

The last photo shows how big Mrs. FDR and Cornelia Shaylor were in 2011. Oh, I miss them!

But the motto of the story is that if you have to move, please ignore conventional wisdom. Get a bunch of cheap pots and save your babies. I got many free on Freecycle, a free swap group. I flung some into the ground and am redesigning now. It's amazing how much abuse they can take. Get out there, grab them , and shove them into a piece of soil, whether in the ground or in a pot. It works!

Of course, I'm a little obsessed about my plants!

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Pretoria, South Africa


Your peonies are gorgeous! I am green with envy. :-) . I really need to find another supplier...


Forgot to mention that your Mrs. FDR reminds me of Sharifa Asma rose. I would give almost anything to have of them growing in my garden. (Have Sharifa, and she is to die for - looks and fragrance.)

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Warners, NY

I am preparing to plant a rose cutting from my favorite plantsman---I don't think I should mention it's name as I suspect it's patented. But it is growing and blooming beautifully and it is going right by my back door. Winter and critter protection are a must, and, I haven't decided how to do that yet as chipmunks have eaten all the tulip bulbs and the deer mice move in like snowbirds to their condominiums and we spend the winter live trapping them ( or I do!) and moving them back to their brush pile. My wife insists they just take turns coming back and greet each other with "Hey bro it's your turn to move in with the people where it's warm and there's food in the pantry" She may be right.-----------------------------------------------Weedy

Kiowa, CO(Zone 5b)

Donna...I have a source for you on the peonies you want to replace.....Have you tried They sell peonies and I have gotten several (in the past) from them.....Mrs. FDR was one of my favs!!!!! I know they have one that is named Shaylor, tho I seem to remember the first name as Nick. If they don't show them on their web site send them a e-mail as I believe they have numerous varieties that aren't always listed. And the roots they send are huge compared to what's available from local suppliers, and if they have what your looking for they might even have a larger more mature plant available.....Years ago when I ordered from them there plants were supposedly 3-5 eyes and were more like 10-15 eyes....They must have over 200 varieties......Wouldn't ya just love to be their neighbor, lol....
Isn't it amazing what can be taken out of a mature garden and it won't even look like it's been raided, lol...good job....Just a hint on those looking for pots...sometimes some of the nurseries recycle them, ask and they may just have some....also look at Lowe's and Home Depot, some bring their pots back. Every year it seems like I need more and more to put my newly aquirred trades in, so I grab stacks of them when I can find them.

Elsa...I'm thinking I might have some peony seeds collected from last year...if your interested in trying I'll include those for you to try in out rare seed swap......just let me know if you want and I will put your name on them when I send my goodies in.......

Pix is my most favorite that I got from them many moons ago....Duchess de Nemours..(hope I spelled that correctly).

Weedy that one of those D.A. types?....Don't ya just love what that man has done for Roses.....especially trying to include fragrance back into them unlike so many now days that don't even care if there is fragrance or not.

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Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)

Did you see this thread?

Leawood Gardiner knew a couple who were reducing inventory, so their peonies are (it's still going on) 50% off. I needed peonies for semi-shade. I love big buxon doubles but Steve gave me Burma Joy - which is an early single and blooms in the shade! Here it is this May. I actually took it out of the pot during a mild day in December and installed it. It bloomed to the same level as it had in the ground. I was really pleased.

So I went down theii list and found Burma Midnight, another early blooming red that will work in shade, and ordered two of them.

$22 for two. Whee!

I have heard tremendous things about Gilbert Wild. I remember looking through their wonderful selections.

And, oh wow, they have a sale too! Look at these prices!

Oh, oh!


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Kiowa, CO(Zone 5b)

Yes Donna, they have great prices and wonderful plants!!!! I ordered from them years ago and they ended up being shipped in a wodden crate, not only were there numerous eyes but the roots themselves were huge!!!! definately not the small things you pick up in the spring in baggies from the big box stores....

Elsa, what are your growing conditions, here in the states we have Zones to give us a better idea of what plants will grow where in the U.S. I'm not sure how cold you get in the winter where you live but peonies do need so many hours of chilling temps. in order to set blooms for the following season. I'm thinking the upper zone temps for peonies is zone 8 (10-20*F or -12*to -7*C).

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Pretoria, South Africa


I think we are borderline zone 8 / 9. We do get quite low temperatures in winter. This past winter we even had snow for a few minutes! LOL! I will plant them in a cooler part of my garden. The northern part is more protected, and therefor warmer in winter, but the southern part is a whole lot colder.

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Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)

Elsa, it's that kind of imagination and resourcefulness that lets a gardener expand his or her palette of plants.


Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

I forgot earlier that I had just planted a couple of more hibiscus,red fireball.

Kiowa, CO(Zone 5b)

Elsa....go to web site for the University of Georgia, horticulture section (Alan Armitage). They have been doing test trials to find out which varieties of peonies that do best and bloom at those warmer zones. Some varieties require less chilling to bloom (freezing temps), many require a certain # of hours to produce blooms, after all that's why we grow and love them sooo, the blooms.

Pix is of my one and only tree peony, first bloom this springand is fragrant too.

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Pittsford, NY(Zone 6a)

I just planted iris and am waiting for a Mid America order

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Kiowa, CO(Zone 5b)

Is each pix a vinette or planting group? OUTSTANDING....#3&4 are my hoping one day to begin doing such, have some, just waiting for things to knit together...I noticed this spring that many of the Iris in the border are needing early bloomers along side...I'm ready for spring......Kathy

Pittsford, NY(Zone 6a)

The pix are planting groups.I will probably just make it with some combos where the iris is leaving bloom and the early lily is blooming.
The perennial in #3 is Carradona salvia,#4 is an early lily Tiny icon with Nepeta Sweet Dreams

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

and some iris from WWK!!!

Pittsford, NY(Zone 6a)

Phlox Flame series Lilac

Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)


I just reread the above threads and realize that I did not answer your inquiry about the timeline of my moving plants. I wrote it all down.

With the house on the market in April, I rented a two bedroom unit. My biggest criterion was that it have a south facing balcony big enough to accomodate pots (lots of them!!) I had a mature garden with tons of stuff in it. I was able to remove a great deal without ruining the harmony of the garden.

Dug up the following and put them into pots on the large patio of the rental unit:

Deutzia Chardonnay
Peonies White Frost, Burma Joy, Coral Charm (the only one I lost), Lois, Festiva Maxima and Moonstone
Despite the fact that I dug them up one and a half months before they were to bloom, several did bloom two months later. None of these had been in the ground for more than three years, so I got the plants largely intact.

Chionodoxa in several colors (I put them in the peony pots)
Rose Gruss an Aachen

The following lilies (I took favorites and out of commerce first):

Lilium candidum grown from seed
Amethyst Temple
Emerald Temple
White Henryi
Note, they all bloomed. Just dig deep and get it all.

In May I dug up and put in pots:
Lilium Hiawatha
Lilium Pink Heaven
Lilium Silk Road (took 2 of 4 and took the rest later in bud - all of them bloomed)
Lilium Crystal Blanca (took 1 of 2, found the other burning in July, and lifted it in mid-bloom - both bloomed well)
Japanese Kerria
Digitalis grandiflora
4 of 7 Heuchera Firefly
Allium christophii
Fragaria vesca reugen

In July:
This was when I took a large number of lilies. Some had multiplied so heavily (Silver Sunburst, White Henryi, Anastasia) that they needed to be dug up and separated. When I did that, I potted some up. Everything bloomed. I also dug up my daffodils, which desperately needed to be replanted. They were so overcrowded that they were rising to the surface. I dried and stored them.

In August:
Took a few more lilies when I realized how many were left - at least 300
Thalictrum Black Stockings into a pot - a gift from a DGER
Leucojum Gravetye Giant (dried and stored - 5 bulbs had turned i to about 50)
Ornithogalem nutans (dried and stored - 5 bulbs had turned into about 100)
Hardy geraniums into a pot - they had been a gift from a DGer

In September:
I started digging, drying and storing the lilies from the pots. Turned out there were 68!!!

In October:
Dug up and into pots
Nepeta Snowflake
Nepeta Dawn to Dusk
Campanula Bernice
Salvia Swan Lake

In November and December:
The weather was very mild, and the new owners, who were leaving in December, very kindly "gave me the garden".

I installed anemones, saponaria bouncing bett, bergenia.
I went back to the house and took two sections of an enormous epimedium, several ornamental grass offsets, and athyrium nipponicum Ursulas Red and installed them.
I also installed most of the peonies

On December 11 I moved, and plants that didn't go into the ground went into the house (hardy geraniums) or to the garage (Heritage in a pot).

That's the timeline. Since I was simultaneously maintaining the garden at the house and my own patio garden (32 miles apat!) I had the opportunity, while weeding and pruning, to see what I could take. Now it's a garden to garden transfer. I found ornamental grasses that had seeded where they didn't belong. The biggest bonus was platycodon seedlings. I've raised them, but it's tough. I raised some, and found some in the yard that were small enough to take intact.

(Zone 4b)

Incredible Donna. You obviously know what you are doing.

Anderson, IN(Zone 6a)

And yesterday after I typed, ice plants went into the garden.

Louisville, KY

I continue to love my biennials. I have been transplanting foxglove,english daisy and forget me nots. I have also recently planted 9 Japanese iris.I have yet to plant cantebury bells and a mystery campanula from a cottage garden seed mix.
On the more adventuresome side I have transplanted Some Lupine seedlings. These generally are not reccomended in the hot humid Ohio Valley.

Like Donna I have lots of daffs to divide. The fun part is that the scilla are coming up all over my beds.

Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)

Rogue, it was largely a matter of realizing that I could risk killing then while moving them or lose them altogether. The great thing about the experience was realizing that a lot of the conventional wisdom about moving plants, especially peonies, came from the sellers of those plants. A lot of it simply isn't true. It encourages you to abandon your garden whenever you move.

If I had been going straight from house to house I would have potted up everything and put it in my garage. And I got a lot of the pots from people who advertised that they were giving them away.

But I really think it was a little crazy! On the other hand, my new yard is quite lush.

Oh, biennials! Aren't they wonderful? Especially Canterbury bells. I once seeded a JLHudson mix and got clue, pink and white - I don't know which is more beautiful.

(Zone 4b)

I just came in from planting a Gentiana "True Blue", an Ozark "Sundrop" and a Geranium "macrorrhizum".

Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)

3 plants of geranium robertianum, 1 geranium Bevan's variety, 2 Nepeta Joanna Reed, 2 Nepeta Six Hills Giant, 3 allium ramosum. All gifts from a kind DGer. Wow!

Elgin, IL(Zone 5a)

Oh! And digging in the ground to put in my Robertianums (a very shady are) I went about five inches down and found what was clearly a peony root! Several eyes have developed. I think it was planted, probably many years ago, in an area that now gets very little sun.

So I put it in a pot. Can you imagine? While planting a gift I find a treasure.

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