Bunny ate a dwarf conifer

Olathe, KS(Zone 5a)

I was gone 2 hours, then went to water the baby shrubs. Saw sole limb of 12" baby chamaecyparis p. white variegated dwarf on ground. Saw policeman walking by - asked him to shoot the squirrels - he said he thought it was rabbits. I think he was right. This was a baby shrub that survived the heat and drought and squirrels digging up soil. I do not yet have the dwarf daffodils that are supposed to protect plants from rabbits. I remember seeing conifers protected with a short chicken wire fence. I may have to do this on some (or all). I have several more conifers on order.

Went to water plants in back yard where we are still installing chicken wire at bottom of old fence to keep out rabbits. Saw baby bunny running away - towards fence area not yet fixed.

If I use chicken wire, do I just place a short fence around the shrubs - or do I also put some over the top? I am thinking I might put a 'basket' of chicken wire over the top and plant lots of dwarf daffodils - when they come in.

Dublin, CA(Zone 9a)

If it's really just rabbits that are a problem in your area then just a short fence around the shrubs should be fine. But if you also have taller animals like deer that could easily reach over the top of the wire then putting a basket over the top may be helpful.

Danville, IN

The best rabbit deterrent I've found yet is human urine. It's free, reliable, and readily available! (Note: apply around the plant, not on it.) It was an old farmer's advice.

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