Fast growing trees

Ontario, Canada

We just bought a house with a south exposure in the back yard. It is SO HOT! Does anyone have a suggestion for fast growing trees, that are not too dirty with fruit or cones or whatever. And that would provide a nice amount of shade. We don't want a really big tree like an oak or blue spruce, etc. We are getting older so fast is best, and no cleanup under it would be bonus. Thanks for your assistance!

Greenfield, OH(Zone 6a)

I'm assuming you want something with height to shade the south end of the house. If so, and you don't have a leach field or sewer pipes near the area where you want to plant them, poplars would be good for your part of the world. They get a lot of bad press but I actually think they are a beautiful tree. Fast growing and can handle the northern climate.
They're wood may be weak but thats usually the trade off for anything with fast growth.
You could plant some slower growing (but not necessarily defined as a slow grower) along with the poplars; maples and some oaks.
Yes, some oaks can grow as much as 12" per year. Just have fun planning and planting.

Ontario, Canada

Yes, I never thought of poplars, that's a good idea. Any more ideas would be very welcome, as I'd like to have a variety. No leach bed anywhere...just a really hot bright back yard...arg..!

I have one lovely little Italian plum tree...yummy....but no shade from it...not sure how big it gets. I've planted a couple dwarf double blooming lilacs too, along the fence.


Dallas, TX

Take a look at Chinese pistache trees. Also, if you're considering hackberry or mulberry, DON'T.

Calgary, AB(Zone 3b)

Quote from Flower_Luver :
Yes, I never thought of poplars, that's a good idea.

The bad rap of poplars is well-deserved... they're great on acreages, if that's what you have, but not good on small properties due to extreme suckering tendencies... I guarantee you will not want sprouts coming up everywhere from the extensive root system.

Opp, AL(Zone 8b)

A redbud tree might fit the bill. Fairly fast-growing but not weak, not messy, beautiful purplish/pink (or pinkish/purple?) flowers in the spring, not too tall at maturity, deciduous to allow sunshine during winter.

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