Help Please! Sick Rose bushes, I have no idea what is wrong!

Minneapolis, MN

I have 3 Pinktopia Rose Bushes (from Bailey's Easy Elegance collection) that I planted together along the ugly chain link fence at the back of my property. They have been a delight all summer! They have profuse, continuous, double blossoms and rich green folliage and have looked as healthy as can be all summer. Then all of a sudden a few days ago, their leaves abruptly turned bright yellow, and the plants seem to be curling up and dying! Honestly, I would say someone sprayed them with round-up by how they look, but I can't imagine who or why someone would do such a thing. I will attach several pictures. If anyone can give me a clue about what is making them so sick, I would be grateful for any and all advice.

*Photos: the first 3 photos show the sick plants. The last photo for comparison purposes show one of the 3 shrubs as it looked just 1 week before the first 3 pics were taken. Amazing change, isn't it? :(

Thanks for any help anyone can offer!

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Alba, TX(Zone 8a)

Boy, I sure fee bad for this. One gets soooo excited over a new rose. I can't imagine who would RounUp someone else's rose--but one of my past neighbors-from-h#$$ did just that to three of my new climbers one year. I've since moved and I sure hope no one did that to these. Maybe over fertilized at the nursery???? It looks to severe to be planting shock. Are there still leaves on them now? Are the canes still green--green canes are a good thing? I can't quite tell from the photos. Is the soil well drained?

Hope some one else chimes in with better answers than all my questions.

Richmond, TX

Do you have gophers there? Or some other subterranean root eater? That is what the damage looks like to me. Are the roses still alive? If so it is not gophers.

Newcastle(NSW), Australia(Zone 10a)

I would say that weedkiller looks to be the problem, but even if not, I would be widening the rosebeds for each one as that grass is way too close and would be sucking up all the nourishment. Cut back all the damaged foliage and feed with weak liquid seaweed mix, only. Any other fertilizer would be too strong and finish them off. If anyone has comfrey leaves, make a tea from them, too and feed it, very weakly diluted. There is a product that you spray over the leaves and is very good for protecting the leaves, usually used to prevent transplant shock, I can't think of the name, but a plant nursery should be able to help you.

Is the chainlink fence between you and a neighbour, perhaps they have sprayed for weeds and the wind has blown it over your roses!

I would give them 2 weeks and then out with them. Buy some climbing roses and train them up the fence!

Good Luck!

Minneapolis, MN

Well, these roses are doing MUCH better and I think I know what happened to them. I usually use a lawn service for fertilizing and weed control, but this year to save money I did it myself using Scott's products. I think when I applied weed and feed about a week before the plants started to look so bad I got too close to the rose bushes with the weed and feed product. So I did it myself out of my own stupidity! I think for next year I will be calling Chemlawn to come and do their job themselves again. Now I will go hide my face in shame.... :p


Alba, TX(Zone 8a)

Laenini, not stupidity! Learning curve. Now you know not to do that. We are human and sometimes we learn through trial and error. So be divine and forgive yourself ☺! Next spring use Ironite instead of weed and feed and just spot-treat any weeds you might get.

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