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Fayette, MO(Zone 6a)

A quick check in here.. I thought I would enjoy my two week free subscription and see which of my old farm buddies are still "tail gating" here. Nothing like spending a day working in the heat and then sitting on a truck's tail gate and visiting , and maybe drinking a cold drink..

And yes, drought, is my theme word for the last couple of years here at the ol' homestead .. It pretty much rules my life. One day I feed hay to the cattle and the next day I water my plants.. Never have I seen the rabbits go in the barn and eat hay in the middle of the summer. Rumor has it that stock cattle were sent home from a local sale barn because there was no one buying ... Otherwise they would have gone for slaughter prices.. So farmers had to actually bring home cattle... The USDA has opened up CRP ground for baling and grazing.. And we even had a couple acres at our daughter's house baled last week.. and the ponds are going dry..

I watched a nice storm brewing out in Kansas yesterday.. It broke up before it got to my place..

My garden/orchard area literally looked like an oasis in the desert, especially since I am trying my hand at growing figs this year..

also trying to figure out if I should plant some winter rye.. I certainly don't want to get the wrong kind planted. but maybe some alternative winter greenery would help... Anyone have any experience with it?

Richmond, TX

Last year when we had the worst drought ever here, the extension service advised against planting winter rye as it would compete with the permanent summer grasses' trying to recover if we got rain in the fall/winter and it would be a waste of money if it stayed dry.

Fayette, MO(Zone 6a)

My plan was to plant it in a completely different area than I usually graze.. I have a little piece that just has nothing on it where we fed hay last winter.. So it wouldn't be competing..
and I am hoping for at least some winter moisture.

Richmond, TX

Sounds like a good plan - hope it rains!

Auckland and Te Awam, New Zealand(Zone 9a)

It must be tough to experience the extremes that weather can throw at you. Hope it rains for you soon.
Here in New Zealand we have too much rain and not enough sunshine at the moment.
But the beauty of spring with daffodils ,Magnolias ,plums and Almonds all flowering,brightens up the day
We have every chance of having a dry summer in four or five months since the last one was wet and dull like an average English summer.

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