Where's SW

Hemet, CA(Zone 9b)

Haven't seen nor heard from her. Doe's anyone know what's up??


Hemet, CA(Zone 9b)

Julie called me today. She's O.K. kinda/sorta. Having a lot of dental work done and not able to be online for various reasons. Please pray for her this Friday as it is to be her last dental appointment.

Sylvia Kinnee

(Pegi) Norwalk, CA(Zone 10b)

Thanks for the update ,Sylvia, on Jules. Dental work isn't fun, but glad she is on her last appointment. I do hope we hear from her soon, if only to say "hi".

(Pegi) Norwalk, CA(Zone 10b)

Sylvia, did you read that quiltygirl saw SW & her hubby at their time share in Oceanside? I sure do miss her on these threads. Getting her health and strength back is most important.

Can you believe November is almost here, and I'm still wondering what happened to all those other months. Time just slips by so fast and I'm not looking forward to another new year so soon.

Hemet, CA(Zone 9b)


So cool Linda got to spend time with SW. Haven't talked to her since she's been back. Praying she's on the mend. Miss seeing you and DH.

(Pegi) Norwalk, CA(Zone 10b)

I'll always have memories of special friends I've met at our gardening times. Miss seeing you too. Praying that Jules will be well soon.

We have a new puppy, I said I wasn't going to get another dog after we lost our Molly in June, but can't resist and especially since she was thrown out of a car at a park. Too old for this potty training a puppy again.

Menifee, CA(Zone 9a)

Hey, I've missed you all too. Yup, I'm getting healthy again. : - )
I'm even gaining weight. LOL!
Happy to hear that you have a new puppy, and hope you get to meet mine at the RU.
Will send photos of me and my fids.

My rescue dog, Mia loves mud puddles.
Spirit, me and Mia taking a break.
Mia gave me a dirty kiss.
Love them giving me a dirty face too!
Mia loves to hang out in her pool and get clean.

Take care for now,

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(Pegi) Norwalk, CA(Zone 10b)

Love your pictures of you and your beautiful dogs. So glad you are on the road to health again. Gaining weight is good for you, but would love to lose some for me. I just love eating fattening food too much. Sweets are my down fall.

Hemet, CA(Zone 9b)

Thank's for the photos SW. You do look better with the added weight.
Hope to see you soon friend!
Love ya! Sylvia

Menifee, CA(Zone 9a)

Hey, Sami, I've been missing you and the rest of my DG friends. Still have problems with the 'puter. Sigh. . .
I like sweets too, and they are going right to my rear end. I am having to pace myself. I was thinking of our dear friend Lynda, the other day when we stopped at DeJonggs to pick up some chocolate milk. : - )

I do hope that we can all get together soon for the RU. I don't mind hosting it again, but there are times I wish some one else would volunteer. But everyone always helps so it's not bad. DH is now thinking of the RU as an Annual Event out here, so he's on board for the RU. : - )

My garden has been terribly neglected this past year. I lost a lot of plants. So I've been spending a lot of my time out in the garden, weeding, trimming, transplanting, removing, and lifting plants. I am making progress, and we will be overhauling the greenhouse this year.

One of my projects this year is to clean out the back end of the green house to make room for hanging strawberry bags. My ES wants to have something going on every season here at the farm. DH wants me to plant more strawberries. I'm okay with that as long as I can get them off the ground. I really hate weeding on my knees. It's getting harder all the time. Getting older is harsh sometimes. Besides, if we leave the strawberries on the ground, Mia comes by and eats them. How funny is that? I just ordered 5 more strawberry bags on-line because I'm tired of waiting for them to show up in the stores. I already lifted 60 plants and filled up two strawberry bags. I will be really happy when I'm done, so I can move ahead on other chores. : 0 )

My other big project this year is planting blueberry bushes. I am frustrated at how hard they are to find bare root or even in pots. None the less, I bought as many as I could afford at the time, and now I have 10 bushes. There are some different varieties out there, and I can't wait to see which one works for me. I plan on learning how to start cuttings to increase my bushes. I am planting them in large containers, so I can have as little to do with them as possible. I know I'll have to trim off dead growth every year, and once every three of four years, I'll need to trim some roots, but that isn't a big deal. Like Christmas trees, BB's need about 5 years to reach maturity. That doesn't mean that they won't set fruit this year, though. I figure that we keep them bushes in pots, we can move them whereever we want to during the fruiting season.

DH wants me to start Leyland Cypress from cuttings, to grow as Christmas trees. I guess that some folks like 'em.
He is also letting me increase the potted Pine trees we have for sale at Christmas. We only had about 4 really sad looking potted trees left after Christmas this year. Time to increase the stock. He should replant potted trees every year, but I guess he kind of forgot without me nagging him about it last year. I guess I am worried that we won't have any this year that are going to be ready for sale at Christmas. Oh well.

ES and I are planning on making a mulch pile too, although I need to make him do the research on that. I am also planning on building another small raised planter, not sure yet where, or what I'll be growing in it, but you know that has never stopped me before. LOL! : - )

So how has your battle with that vine that grows over your back wall growing? I'm hoping you made it submit already. Hoping your DH is doing okay with his health, and you will be able to attend the RU.
Got to go for now.


(Pegi) Norwalk, CA(Zone 10b)

Jules, you have so much on your plate and you just keep on going, like the energrizer bunny. I've got as much of that vine cut back on my side and I've pushed it away from the brick fence on the other side. I hope someone takes the hint. I guess I wouldn't mind it too much if I didn't have plants growing on my side. It is also grabbing hold of the shed and taking the paint off. I can't get back there and DH is just not up to doing that kind of word. I did discover that he is pass the "donut hole" in medicare so from now on all meds will be a lot cheaper. At last, some good news. I insist that DH gets better and wants to attend the round up as I look forward to that outing. I have one yellow plumeria for you and a surprise on the other one. I didn't mark them, and of course I can't remember what there are. This time when I get a bloom I'll put a marker in the pot.

Going through some stuff that got put out on the patio that we don't need. All it does is collect dirt and I would like to have a nice place to put some plants. We have an aluminum cover over it now and I would like to be able to sit out there and enjoy them.



Menifee, CA(Zone 9a)

You're my girl! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I hope to be able to have some pink plummies to share next year. I was so happy that it made it through the winter!
I wish I was more mobile. I'd come over and help you for a day in your garden!
Yes, do tell your DH he must get better, because we want to see the both of you! That is good news about the less expensive meds! Seriously, my DH has to take Blood Pressure Meds now. It can get pretty pricey. Sigh . . .
I'm working hard on cleaning up my place. I'm collecting all my pots and putting them in once place. I am trying to get organized, but you know how that goes.
Today I've been all foggy brained, and sleepy. Almost everything I'm allergic to is pollinating right now! ARRGGHHH!!!! It's okay. Claritin helps some. Sure don't feel like the energizer bunny though. I've been goofing off watching HGTV all day, and picking away at chores.
I have a friend in Oregon who has the same problem with the business on the other side of her wall. It is most frustrating when they don't trim their plants.
I need to get my patio cleaned up and the cushions cleaned up. Got distracted when I got home today, and found ES, his GF, and his 2 fids, jumping around on the trampoline. I LOL! Then I sat and watched them all playing, while we chatted. It was good. Still want to get the trampoline swept off so I can use it to dry my cushions on, though!
It's officially Spring! : - )
Got to go for now, I'll check in tomorrow if my 'puter lets me.

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