Lavender hidcote: overwinter as a houseplant? Also catnip?

(Zone 2b)

I live in Winnipeg (Winterpeg?), zone 2 - 3. I got a lavender plant this summer. Some people manage to overwinter them outside, but I don't know how to without a green house. So, if I bring it inside, what does it need indoors? Or perhaps someone can advise me how to shelter &/or mulch it enough that it would survive outside.

I also got a large catnip plant in a pot from someone who has over wintered it in a corner of his greenhouse. Same question as for the lavender plant.

Various mints overwinter successfully on our property without particular protection. We also have a few areas that are sheltered enough that perhaps they qualify as a warmer "sub-zone", though I don't actually know by how much.

Any suggestions or advice will be most appreciated. Thank you.

Bay City, MI(Zone 6a)

It needs a cold winter rest, and probably a repotting in spring to do well in the following growth cycle. Bury it, container and all, against the foundation on the N side of your house & make sure it doesn't go dry, or over-winter it in an attached, unheated garage with a card-board box turned over it. The box will trap the geothermal heat rising through the garage floor & keep the plant happy.


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