New to Hostas in the deep South

Miami, FL(Zone 10b)

Hello everyone !!! I found some odd looking plants at my Big Box store about a month ago and upon close inspection and reading the label I found out that they were hostas. I was soo excited to have found such beauties in my store that I purchased 6. I gave 2 to my aunt and I kept 4 of them. They are still in their pots since I read that summer is not soo good to repot or mess with the root system so I will keep them in their pots until it gets cooler and then plant them. They are being kept in the store under full sun and doing beautifully. I keep mines in morning sun until about 12ish and then they get shaded by the house. So far I got 2 of them to rebloom and they are all growing beautifully. Now I would love to get some more but not sure where to start. Here are some pics of mines

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Portsmouth, VA(Zone 8a)

They do not sell many Hostas here either. I purchase most online, just be careful with the credit card. Mail a check or call in the number if they do not accept paypal. Do you have paypal? It is a must if you do a lot of shopping online.
I have good luck with the sun tolerant Hostas, also I like the slug resistant ones. Are there slugs in Florida?
After being in the morning sun all summer mine were showing signs of stress and were burning. I am moving them to a more shady area and hope next year they will be happier. :)
Here are some links if you would like to browse, also some nurseries have things on sale this time of year. I planted a lot of stuff last November and they did fine.
Here are some of my favorites:

I have a lot of pictures on the Mail order Thread. :)

Leesburg, FL(Zone 9b)

Roly -- I know this is an older post, but i'm just coming upon it.

I'm not as knowledgeable about hostas as some of the folks in here, BUT -- hostas NEED cold weather, that is probably why you dont' see them down there -- they just don't survive.
something about 40 days at 40 or less -- I think the roots just rot / turn to mush if they don't get the cold.

you can probably grow them as annuals, just like up north here, we grow the tropicals as annuals.

even though they are gorgeous plants... I would not waste my money on them, since they most likely will not survive, especially mail order plants.

Portsmouth, VA(Zone 8a)

Well Rolley, zone 10 is stretching it a bit, but there are things you can try just don't buy to many in-case things don't work out. I think there might be some hope here with the newer varieties of Hostas plus there has been more research and not all Hostas really need a 40 day cold spell. Certain Hostas can make due with less cold weather. But certainly I would stick with the sun/heat tolerant Hostas and keep them in complete shade. Plant them in pots so the roots can get more cold air in the winter. They say that zone 8 and above the ground is actually too warm to make the roots of a Hosta happy.

I like to do business with people near my zone because the plants are adapted to the heat and one company that grows great Hostas in the south is below. They have a list of varieties that don't need a big cold spell. Good luck with your Hostas!!


Huntersville, NC

I'm sharing my mistakes so you can avoid:
1) believing "sun" or "full sun" means the same in north AND south.
No SO! Full sun for the north equals FRY in the south especially with hostas.
Or at least that is what I've found.

This Charlotte sun has fried many a plant under my 'watch' :-((
So Be Beware!

And Good Luck!

Portsmouth, VA(Zone 8a)

I found that sun tolerant doesn't actually mean heat tolerant. I am choosing more warm climate Hostas.

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