Charles Grimaldi VS Dr Seuss

Groveland, FL

I can't decide which one I want! Which one smells better/stronger, and how do the scents compare to eachother? If you could have only 1, which would it be?

Mulberry, FL

I would be happy with either one there both nice brugs

Long Beach, CA

Get them both. You can't go wronge! That is my 2 cents

Lake Toxaway, NC(Zone 7a)

I have had both here in the mtns. They bloom well in my cooler mountainside lot, even with shade but they both bloom earlier and have more flushes in town, which is down in the valley and quite a bit warmer.
When I started my membership at DG in 2000, Charles Grimaldi was the one everyone said was there most reliable and prettiest. There's no arguing coming from me. My favorite yellow is Solid Gold which actually starts off yellow and turns to a medium orange.

Long Beach, CA

I do not have solid gold! Does it smell strong. I want a fragrant garden.

Lake Toxaway, NC(Zone 7a)

pretty good in the afternoons.

Long Beach, CA

I may have to find a cutting of this one!!

Lake Toxaway, NC(Zone 7a)

I would send you one except I forgot to label 2 brugs and don't know which is which. I don't even know the name of one. Maybe next fall I'll be more certain.

Norwalk, IA(Zone 5b)

Rhapsody, both are available in San Diego Great big plants of Charles Grimaldi in the Pan American section of Balboa park.Charles gets larger flowers that hang straight down and Dr. Suess flowers angle out a little, and the plant stays a bit smaller.

Pic is Charles Grim. in Balboa park

Kyle :-)

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Long Beach, CA

You are sweet! Thanks for even the thought of sending me a cutting!


Long Beach, CA


I have Charles Grimaldi and just ordered a few more cuttings. I think I am going to become a collector of Brugs! I Love them. When I make it out to San Diego again I will get a Solid Gold from the park!! Here are the three I have in bloom.
Pink Suaveolens / Dr Seuss / Sunset in that order


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Central, MD(Zone 7a)

Maybe this historical information will help you.

Credit- gitagal for bookmarking it

Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)


I really hate to ask you this, because I have been without any brugs for about 2 years now. But, the only one that would maybe get me back into them would be Charles Grimaldi. So, asking where do you order your cuttings from?


Long Beach, CA

Jeanette ~ Just drop me a pm via daves mail. I have a few kinds as cuttings. We will talk about what you want and work from there. I also have a few plants if you want to go that route.


Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

Rhapsody, I can't believe how nice that is. LOL, I used to have so many brugs, but maybe you can tell me what I was doing wrong. As you probably noticed, I live in a fairly cool climate, at least a short season. My brugs would get really large plants, like around 8 feet tall and close to 3 feet wide. But, very few blooms. The plants, themselves, were so healthy.

My daughter used to tell me I was too nice to them. I do have to admit that I fed and watered them a lot. I tried a lot of different kinds of fertilizer, trying to stay to the low in nitrogen because of how large they were. So, what was I doing wrong?

I finally got discouraged and got rid of them all.

Can you give me any suggestions?

Long Beach, CA

Jeanette ~ Don't get discouraged. Most of the time if they are not flowering they need more phosphorus. Find one that is 0-50-30 if you can for blooms. I am not a expert on them for sure. And I think we are in very different climates. I am in 10B which is ideal for them to grow. They do love water and fertilizer. Some people fertilize 3-4 times a week with liquid and once every other month with the gradual. I will see who I can ask for help one that and get back with you.

And thank you for the complement. You are most welcome.

Long Beach, CA

I asked someone who has a lot of experience with brugs. This is what she said:

"Tell her to stop chopping the flowering wood off, use cuttings from above the Y and Potassium helps sometimes. Some Brugs need to grow tall in order to bloom, tell her to look for the ones that bloomed from a short height as seedlings. For taking wood from above the Y gives you a short cut. Good luck."

Hamilton, OH

I also put 10 10 10 at the bottom of the hole, when putting mine in the Ground, I Think Gorden Hawk
Suggested doing that for Good Growth.
I had a Monster that was in the Ground, it took me an Hour to get it out & Potted up.
Jeanette, I hope that Helps


Northeast, WA(Zone 5a)

The woman must think I am a birdbrain. That is where I take the cuttings from, above the Y when I am giving them to folks. These plants ARE blooming, just not as much as I think they should for as big as they are. They are putting all their energy into foliage instead of blooming.

However, I remember seeing pictures of tall plants people in the south posted that were a lot of blooms, but the plants themselves were ugly. No foliage. I guess I want both, nice plants and a lot of blooms.

Don't know what she means by "stop chopping the flowering wood off". Flowering wood IS above the Y.

You all, YES, I think it does matter where the initial cutting is taken from. But I am sure Gordon is right, LOL, he is an expert, that the 10-10-10 would help. Wonder if he means slow release.

Long Beach, CA

Jnette ~ I was just trying to help. That is a copy and paste of what was said. Sorry that was not the answer you were looking for.

Sydney, Australia

Hi ...birdbrain here ^_^

I have no clue about your conditions or who you are apart from what I am reading now, I live in a place where our Brugs live outside.
So you need advice from growers who live in a similar colder zone to you Jnette.

Good luck ...waving from Australia


Mesilla Park, NM

Hi Chrissy! Waving from New Mexico.. I want to visit Australia some day..


Baltimore, MD(Zone 7a)


Chiming in from Baltimore, 7a.

YES! I grow brugs every year--but I have to dig them up and cut them back
and store them in my dark, cool shop, where they 'exist" in a somewhat
dormant state.
I plant my Brugs pot-in-pot. That means, I take a 3gal or 5gal black nursery pot
cut about 5--- 1" holes on the lower half of the pot--plant my Brug in it (I always use
Osmacote in the soil--takes care of the feeding)--and then dig the pot into the bed,
leaving about 3" of the black pot sticking up.
When it is time to dig it up in the fall--I dig up the black pot, severing all the
roots that grew through those holes--and cut it back and bring it in.
Remove ALL the leaves--except the tip ones. They will fall off anyway.

In the spring--bring them out--slowly acclimatizing them to light in stages.
Mine usually just go "POOF!" and get green within a couple weeks.
Every 2 or 3 yewars, I give them a serious root-pruning. They really do well
after that.

OK! After reading all you wrote--the only suggestion I would have is to stop
fertilizing them so much--as, it seems, it is contributing to a lot of growth at the
price of no blooms. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.......

I basically ignore mine--other than watering incessantly. I
f I have some MG mixed up--Also watch out for Mites.
I will feed them a bit with some MG if I have it mixed up.
The Osmacote does its job well.

It has been a hard year for growing anything here. too hot--and no rain now for 3 weeks...
We are, actually, in a drought right now.
I have pretty good luck with blooms---not that they ALL bloom equally well.
Dr. Seuss is the KING of my brugs! Hands down! Every year!
I also have a pink NOID and a Maya.

1--This is the 3rd flush of my Dr. Seuss. Spectacular!!!!
2 and 3--This is my pink NOID.
4-- Maya. She is still on the small side....
5--This is how my Brugs spend the winter....They do just fine!!!!


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Long Beach, CA

Quote from chrissy100 :
Hi ...birdbrain here ^_^

I have no clue about your conditions or who you are apart from what I am reading now, I live in a place where our Brugs live outside.
So you need advice from growers who live in a similar colder zone to you Jnette.

Good luck ...waving from Australia


Mine grow outside too. Never have to dig them up. We are lucky I guess. Thanks for your input Chrissy. You are the best!!


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