These weeds are taking over my yard-How do I get rid of them

Brenham, TX

My husband and I live in East Central Texas and have weeds covering a lot of our yard. There are also a lot of dead/bald spots in our grass. I need to find out what kind of weeds these are and how to get rid of them.

Picture of Weeds, #1:

Picture of Weeds, #2:

Picture of Weeds, #3:

Picture of Yard:

Spring Hill, FL(Zone 9a)

#1- Sand Dune Spurge Chamaesyce cumulicola
#2- Deadnettle Lamium sp.
#3- Cupid's Shaving Brush (Tasselflower) Emilia fosbergii
#4- Dichondra Dichondra carolinensis
I'm sorry, I couldn't see enough detail in the last set of the photos of the ground to ID those plants.
The simple way to get them out of your yard is to pull them all up. The Spurge, Deadnettle, and Tasselflower are seed sown- all your bare areas gives them an ideal environment to germinate. The Dichondra spreads by underground stolons. Have to make sure all pieces of the stolons are up and out to irradicate the Dichondra. Whatever is in the photos of the ground most likely is more than one weed species and most likely falls under those 2 catagories. The bottom photo is probably stolon/rhizome spread. Make sure all of it is pulled up or it will regrow.
Exactly how to go about it depends on your position on chemicals and what you plan on doing with the area afterwards. Do you want a lawn? Groundcover lawn substitute? Flower beds?
The basics of the chemical use method is use a broad spectrum herbicide, wait for it all to die, respray if necessary, then rake/pull it all out. Drawback to this method is more weeds will be germinating on the soil surface during the time this is taking place. Especially the Spurge.
The smother method is basically lay down layers of newspaper/cardboard, wet it all down, then shovel several inches of compost on top, rake it level. Rehydrate it as needed. During this time the weeds will be dying and rotting underneath, along with the newspaper and cardboard. This enriches the soil. Time frame varies, give it at least 6 weeks.
If you're wanting to reseed the bare areas with grass, hand pull the weeds. Use a digging fork in the areas with the stolonous weeds. Plunge the fork straight in the ground, lever it back and forth to loosen the soil, yank it out. This makes getting the stolons out much easier.
If you're doing anything but reseeding, go with the smother method.
I hope this helps.

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Decatur, GA

Nice detail LandscapeGardener!

Dallas, TX

I've just discovered a new place with new products. It's the Natural Organic Warehouse. They have 2 weed killers, one is exclusive and one is inclusive. They're kinda pricey but I decided to give one a try. I ordered the Avenger. The nice thing (for me) is that I can have it delivered to a local Dallas area warehouse and go pick it up myself.

The Avenger (love that name) is organic, doesn't stain bricks or pavement, and can be used around pets, etc. after the spray has dried. Main ingredient is d-limonene (citrus oil). This is the broad spectrum one so don't apply (or carefully apply) to anything near your weeds. It is supposed to be very fast acting.

Haven't tried it yet b/c it's been windy lately. So we shall see.

Dallas, TX

Update on the Avenger. It definitely works fast. But I'm still hand weeding because, lucky me, some of my weeds have deep taproots and some are shallow but stretch out sideways. But they are much easier to pull out since the Avenger has killed a good portion of each 'weed'. (I know, one person's 'weeds' are another person's 'whatevers'. Or something like that.) I am worried that I might just be spreading weed seeds around. I hope a heavy covering of mulch will help.

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