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Hornell, NY(Zone 5a)

Nice boat Karen, let me know when you want to take 'er out. I'll fix breakfast for all on board.

We're back home safe and sound finally, seen enough lighthouses for a while. Stopped by to see Becky, Jason, and the babes, all doing fine. Little Livy was happy to see us back in town. Looks like I've got lots of work to do in the garden. I think we have enough tomatoes to make up one more batch of spaghetti sauce before season is over.


Brisbane, Australia

Welcome home, Al. A cooked brekky sounds good to me. Imagine the amount of fuel that thing must consume!

Jean there was one there going for a cool 9 million, but I don't know which one it was. I suggested that we could get one each (Barry and I) but he had his eye on something at the time and it went over his head. His family are boat builders so he is very interested in the subject.

Aussie flower, I have a lemon tree growing in a large pot, and I put the pink flowering strawberry plants around the base. Have since found out that lemons do not like any competition for food and water, so have to move the strawberries out of there. I don't do much gardening due to rock hard clay pan conditions. I just can't dig it, so everything ends up in pots.

Dianne, apparently birds only fight if there is not enough vegetation to feed all of them. Otherwise they just keep out of each other's way. They've just been discussing it on a bird forum I'm on.

Good morning to everyone. Hope this day continues to be as beautiful as it is at the moment.

Barnesville (Charle, GA(Zone 8b)

Jean, some one always got their hands out for our pennies, whether we have them or not...
The furbabies and I went for walk. Here comes Charley and the donkey kids to see what we are doing.
This was a sweet picture of Charley and Annabelle.
the pup wanted so much to check them out but I was afraid they'd hurt him. Nothing is Sacred to these fellas...
On the way back up T Bo Was trying to lead his Uncle Kaluha by his rope. Kaluha likes to run off and I worry ab out him...
this puppy got a big mouth. He loves to chew on Kaluha. they are both puppys, Kaluha is a year old...
Hugs and nuzzles to all.....
Loved your pictures...

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Merino, Australia

Al, its always nice to be back home . I bet those tomatoes will soon disappear into more sauce, Sounds good.

Karen, we could have gone half each on the boat...lol
It would have to stay moored though, I dont go out on the water , I prefer to be on dry land.
Dont know about birds fighting over not enough food.
I have plenty of flower food here over nearly 2 acres. How much land would the cheeky wattle birds want?
I watch them and they deliberately go out of their way to look for the New Hollands.
They will chase them for ages and really make life hard for the little fellows.
Maybe I just have a group of nasty ones. They even abuse us when we get near some of the bottlebrushes.
As if I want to eat nectar....

Have to go, huuby wants to go over to Coleraine.. We are now putting in a whole length of new pipe so we can keep an eye on it for any leaks.
Shouldnt be any as it will sit on top of the ground. Our main trouble here is the clay soil which shifts and stretches the pipe and joins as the ground dries and contracts .

Christchurch, New Zealand

we had a shocker last night, rain, hail, gale force winds, sleet & snow!!!

Today started wet & wild but was sunny by late afternoon, bitterly cold wind blowing & supposed to be frost in the morning.
Got to love the spring weather;)

Brisbane, Australia

Good morning. Another beautiful Spring morning, but with a bit of a nip in the air. Its supposed to get into the high 20's today, so I guess it will warm up quickly, outside at least. I'm off to Bunnings today to look for a short handled screw driver, a stumpy one. Barry did tell me what they are called but I've forgotten. I know what it looks like though so shouldn't be a problem.

Jean, I'm a land lubber too. I get seasick and even a big boat wouldn't work for me. You may be right about the birds just fighting for the territory. I don't get the small birds here anymore, sadly. The bulldozers took out all the understorey vegetations, and all I have left are the lorikeets, crows and mickey birds. We really are such a destructive animal with no regard whatsoever for our precious wild life. Even my possum has disappeared just lately. They may have destroyed her home (or even her) when they took down the big trees across the road to put the units up.

Teresa, you get more than your share of weather changes there, don't you. We are desperate for rain here and would even welcome a storm as long as it brought the wet stuff with it.

Charleen, Love your mules and dog pics. Those pups look so cute together. I once had a small corgi cross that tormented the neighbours staffy X something big. It had a mouth that would swallow my BJ whole if it wanted to. It could practically step over the fence, and when BJ went too far, it would, and take BJ in his mouth and roll him over the ground good and proper. But he never once hurt BJ.

Correct me if I'm wrong. I'm trying to remember this old saying my father used to repeat. "Sunset night, sailors delight. Sunrise morning, sailors warning." Is that how it goes? Anyhow, I took this early this morning before the sun got up behind the trees. Once it does, I don't see it again until midday or so.

Have a great day.

Sunrise over Logan.
Artistic "eagle" at Berrinba Waters.

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Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. Its freezing here this morning after a night of heavy rain. 5C at the moment.
The sun is trying to get out from behind the clouds.
Hopefully the weather will be a bit warmer when we get over to Mt Gambier today.

Karen, that artistic eagle looks better than some of the "art "we see being placed around the cities these days.
I do wonder what some people are thinking when I see some of the rubbish we are forced to live with .
You should see the new hospital being built in Coleraine ( about 20 mins from here )
The building looks like it has been put together by a committee of children.
Then again, maybe children would have done better.
I call the new public toilet block , the septic tank, because thats exactly what it looks like only giant.
This is right on the main road through town . The water tank is a smaller version of it. All painted dark grey
The garden so far is just starting but looks like being as it was before when the area was a tourist thingy. Odd looking gum trees and grasses.
You know, the usual yuppie thing..... the ugliest native plants .......
Dont people ever look at the beautiful native plants we have ?

Better stop and go put something out for you all for morning tea. We are off shopping in Mt Gambier today

Hello to everyone and enjoy your day. Hope the sun shines for everyone.

Here we are, yummy morning tea.......Chocolate Coconut Cake.

Happy day . stay safe

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Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Good Morning...just in for a quick hello.

Jean, I think you will have true Spring long before we have any really cool weather...still pushing around 28-30C here.Enjoy your shopping day.

Karen, the old saying: Red sky at night, Sailor's delight. Red sky at dawning, Sailor's take warning. Nice sunrise pic.

Hope everyone has a pleasant day.


Clifton Springs, Australia

This is similar Karen,
Red sky at night, shepherds delight, red sky in the morning, shepherds take warning....
Beautiful if cool morning here,
Have a good day, Jean.......you might find a new garden centre.

We had a native plant specialist at our garden club yesterday, he has is nursery a few km up the road.
Some of the work he is doing with grafting is amazing....we really don't get to see the best of our plants in our home gardens.
He must have bought 50 plants with him and they all sold.....Beautiful things that we hadn't seen before...and because I'm not familar with them, I can't give you their names, but they were types of Grevillea with flowers all over them, all vast improvements over the ones we see.
He is selling his property and going back to the Grampians. he said that the rates were killing him, that I can believe.
This is his website, but it's not a true indication of the plants that he has....
No, I resisted, but Ray was smitten with the plants....where to put them though...so we came home empty handed..

Merino, Australia

Well, I'm home and sitting down for a well earned rest.
We did a lot of walking around at Mt Gambier.
Went to the new shopping complex first. Its big . Not as big as some of the huge ones in cities, but very large compared to what is usually around in country cities.
I always liked going to Big W in Perth and have not been to one in so many years. We wandered around in this one for quite a while checking out things.
I bought a new hand digger for the garden.
I also found a kitchen utensil I have been looking for , a nice spatula for stir frying.
A few plastic containers too. We had lunch at a chinese eatery in there.
You take a plate of the size you want and help yourself to all the yummy dishes.
Very tasty .
We then went over to Bunnings , bought a few garden things and then back into central Mt Gambier.
I had to have a look in the cheap as chips shop. Always some sort of bargain there.
We had a lovely warm sunny day and enjoyed seeing lots of birds in all the large areas of water laying around.
Saw a pair of swans with babies. So cute and I didnt take the camera.

That old saying has been around for so many years. I remember my gran telling me as child.
I used to look for the red sky to see what was going to happen.

Dianne, you didnt buy a plant ???
Well nor did I today, so we are both good.

Chrissy, thank you for the seeds.
Going to have a cuppa now and put my feet up.


Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

This is so cool...had to share...one of Australia's newest un-named species(no scientific name) Darlington's Peacock spider.


Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. The sun is shining after rain during the night.
I hope it stays fine and gets a little warmer.

Moon , that is a beautiful spider. How patient photographers have to be to get some of the wonderful pics we see.

Hope everyone is getting some lovely weather and enjoying their gardens.

Al. you will be relaxing and reliving your wonderful trip.

Charleen, we saw 3 very cute donkeys yesterday. I was thinking maybe yours had come over to us for a visit.
Didnt see Charley anywhere though.

Hello to Dianne, Teresa, Karen , Chrissy, Colleen and Anthony.
I am off to get ready for a day in Hamilton. I will do all my major food shopping today. Didnt want to spoil a day out yesterday by runninga round doing our normal shopping.

Keep safe everyone and enjoy this ....Chocolate Butter Cake

Happy day

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Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

I have a rather "soft" spot for the jumping spiders...with their eye configurations they remind me of tiny dogs and other mammals.

Clifton Springs, Australia

What a pretty little spider, thanks moon, then I made the mistake of looking at a Funnel web vs a Wolf spider, bad decision....couldn't watch the end......
Hail here this morning, very cold too....

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Funny, I find that i am also usually sorry when I wander to other links on sites like that.....grin

Clifton Springs, Australia

Error...sent the next one twice, well half of it.....must have been a huntsman going by..lol

This message was edited Sep 14, 2012 7:40 PM

Clifton Springs, Australia

Moon, we called our tiny jumping spiders, 'monkey spiders'......that way the kids were never nervous of them.
The same with 'Daddy long legs'..
We couldn't think of anything to call the "Huntsman" except 'very scary'....

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Grin....with the Huntsman, the words Run like the wind come to mind....

Brisbane, Australia

Its a goodly brisk morning here again. Bit of a cold wind blowing. But it will warm up. I'm going to do a bit of bird watching today, then off to lunch with Barry.

Jean, That "Man with eagle" art is made of stainless steel, and the wings are solar powered and move as if flying. It would have been an expensive piece, but I've always loved it. I agree though, you do see some pieces around and wonder ........

As I was wandering around Berrinbar Wetlands I was worried about snakes as they are on the move now, but instead I was shocked to come across a very large, healthy looking guinea pig. An escapee from somewhere that has made itself at home in the grasses there.

Moon, and Dianne, Seems there are some variations on the red sky saying, but that is great that people still remember it. With the beautiful dawn we had I don't understand why it didn't rain :). Actually, I think the smoke from the fires is causing the beautiful sunrises and sunsets at the moment.

Dianne, if only I could have a garden like that one on your like. We do have some magnificent natives and we don't see nearly enough of them. Nowadays the greenies are advocating not only native, but indigenous as well. Too many places don't have any bush left to know what is indigenous to the area.

Moon, that Peacock Spider has the most amazing courtship ritual. Love his "dance" too. I'm not a spider lover at all. My house is overrun with spiders at the moment, juveniles whose parents probably laid their eggs in my ceiling. With all the cracks and gaps in the house, they get in too easily. Barry catches them and puts them outside, but if he's not here, they end up being sucked up by the vacuum cleaner. They get too big and scary to be left running about the house. I don't mind the daddy long legs in the shed as they keep away the redbacks.

Have a lovely day.

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Karen, I find it fascinating the way the peacock spider is able to raise and lower his abdomen to display. Nature is full of peculiarities...man being the oddest....grin

Oh, I found this link...


rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Hello All,.bbbbbusy Saturday- fill you in tomorrow-Anthony[stay safe]

Christchurch, New Zealand

that spider is stunning...
I like spiders, always have.
I used to catch them & show my younger brother, he was not so keen.
I could be a mean big sis & would pretend to have a spider & chase him all around the house.
Had a lovely day here, frosty start but sunshine & not too windy.
Meant to be wet for the weekend, don't mind tomorrow as I am planning to do a spring clean.
Sunday I'd like fine for dog club & for a family get together in the arvo.
If it is warm enough it would be nice to sit on the deck for drinks & nibbles but looking at the forecast I can't see it.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Family? -thats right, I remember them now!

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
Its raining here again. I had plans for today so I hope the rain goes away.
I want to repot more of the larger brugs and have a few paths to clear.
We are also hoping for the ground to dry out so the rest of the water pipe can be finished.
After getting the initial leak fixed, there is an even bigger one that has popped up.
We have a new pipe laying on top of the ground now which totally replaces the whole of the old one.
Goodness knows where any more of the old pipes are. It seems that back in those days of farmers etc "do it yourself "work, things were just shoved anywhere.

I am pleased with the work I have done on the weeds with Roundup. I have been able to keep on top of them this year .
I can actually see all the bulbs etc which get choked by weeds some years.

I see my first tulip out and the ranuncs opening. .

I must confess Dianne, I forgot that I did buy plants at Bunnings on Thursday.
I had forgotten the pack of liliums I bought. There are 15 bulbs in the pack which was reduced to $7.
There were 2 sorts,. pink and white. I bought the white . Now to plant them .

Hello Anthony, are you busy getting ready for all the shows coming up ?
I expect the vortex is getting rather large by now.
You will need GPS to find your way around it.

Teresa, hope you are getting some better weather. Sugar sounds as if she is growing up now and behaving with more decorum.

Karen and Colleeen , hope all is well with you both now.

Chrissy , my brugs are starting to look like they are enjoying spring.

Moon, isnt it funny how we all remember some sayings . It seems all our rhymes etc are passed down through many ages.
Saw an interesting article years ago on the origins of our well known rhymes and sayings.
It seems they all have some basis way back in the distant past when people needed to have some sort of explanation for things going on around them.
The most well known being Ring a Rosie , based on the epidemics in the past..

Hello Sue if you are looking in.

Charleen, give all your furry friends a hug and a pat for me
Hope you are enjoying some lovely weather. Your garden should be still looking very pretty.

I am off outside to see what I can get done without getting wet.

Maybe planting seeds in the greenhouse .

Enjoy the weekend and here is a treat for Anthony and Teresa. I forgot their birthdays....

Happy late birthday to you both. ...

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Brisbane, Australia

Oh Moon, thank you for that link about the red sky. It is great to know the history behind these old sayings. And to think that it was used by both shepherds and sailors!

Anthony, great to know you are keeping busy. Keeps you out of mischief. But don't overdo things, y'hear! As for family, it amazes me how some stay close and others don't get in touch for years. My own family is one where individuals and family units seem to drift far apart. I'm a hermit type myself but thanks to facebook I do have some contact with siblings.

Jean, you do seem to get a lot of rain there. They are predicting some for next week here but that doesn't mean we'll get any where we are. Unless its really wide spread, we generally miss out. The only rains we seem to get in drought times are from the summer storms. And thanks for asking. I am really doing very well at the moment. Able to walk again through the bush with my camera - heaven!

Teresa, hope you have a lovely day and that the weather does what you wish it to do for a change.

Take care.

On a walk yesterday at Mt. Cotton, the grevillea flowers were out and every one of the trees was busily alive with tiny little Scarlet Honeyeaters. So precious. I've never seen so many at once. Many were youngsters.

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Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Good Morning to you all.

Karen, you are most welcome. As Jean was saying it is so interesting looking into the origins and history of things so common to us today. I love folklore and word/phrase origins.

Belated Happy Birthday wishes to Anthony and Teresa.

Hope you are all have a pleasant weekend.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Thanks Mooner,I forgot it myself!..Thanks Karen, yes Im trying to go easy-if I push it too hard, I go' woozy'.I like the peace, the phone never rings [unless its indians]the carpet stays cleaner with less traffic, no one answers me back[except cocky].,.,Anyway, Ive been at 'The All Saints Church Daffodil Show' [they have a website]- I entered a couple of mini's and an 'art sculpture'.Its a great show with a great atmosphere,great people and the old church schoolhouse is 'chocker block' full of 'anything daffodil'..

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Christchurch, New Zealand

nice daffies Anthony.
I especially love the second & third ones in the line up.

We had a mild day with some rain, I managed to get a few pics in the garden.
Hubby arranged for a tree to be cut down, it was dying & posed a risk to the power lines & anyone near it if it should topple.
Looks quite different out front now & I will miss the brilliant foliage - it was my Robinia freesia that was cut down.

Thumbnail by dalfyre Thumbnail by dalfyre
rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Check out the ATP website...Who got No 1 plant of the week?ME!!!!!!! A Dahlia-called 'Mauve Cricket'-what a great weekend its been!Dalf, that American man ,'Kirby Fong' is at a daffodil show'right now' in NZ.. dont know where, 'maybe you can tell me'?-Anthony

Christchurch, New Zealand

this might help...


rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Thats A lot of shows !!!

Christchurch, New Zealand

still on daffodils...
this is a nursery down south from me.


Christchurch, New Zealand

lol - so are you planning your holiday to tour NZ daffy shows yet Anthony?

I should try & look in on one in ChCh, nice to see them in the flesh so to speak.

Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Good Morning

A chuckle for you today.....someone loves jam pastries....maybe a bit too much.


Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. Its overcast again and looks like being as yesterday, with showers most of the day.
I did manage to get some repotting done and moved a few more pots around.
I planted some tomato seeds in the greenhouse. They will go out later when the weather warms up.

Anthony, you will have to do a daffodil tour around the place. So many lovely blooms to see. You will need a new area for all the ones you will end up buying.
Glad you have Cocky to supervise.

Moon, dont you just love that possum ?
He knew a good thing when he found it.

Teresa, be careful going to any daffodil shows. You will end up with so many you simply "must have "...lol

Karen, I am very happy to share my rain with you. I do not need so much , but then once summer comes and everything is dry & brown, I will need it back again.
We gardeners are never happy.

Hello Dianne, I hope your garden is doing well despite the weather.
How are all your pretty flowers doing ? I have one anemone out .
Still heaps of daffies looking bright.
Pity the rain bows them down so much.

Hello Chrissy, Colleen & Sue.

Al, how are you enjoying being home again ?
I bet you are already planning the next trip.
Lovely to see all your pics as usually most of the US we see on TV is the same famous areas.
Very nice to see the more out of the way places.

Charleen, hubby love the little donkeys we saw last week . I was busy looking for Charley , but no mule in sight.

Give those darlings a pat for me.
I saw an American bulldog yesterday on TV.
It had muscles like Arnie Swartzenegger. Very lovable face though.
I didnt realise they grew so tall. I was picturing something shorter like the British bulldog.

Hello to all those looking in.

Better move and see whats for morning tea...Chocolate Peanut Squares.
try this

Happy day

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Hornell, NY(Zone 5a)

Sorry, I've been recovering from a minor stomach bug, haven't had time to organize my photos just yet. I'll get back later.


Sydney, Australia

Sorry to hear you haven't been well Al, hope you are feeling better now.

Looks like everyone has been busy outside too, just waving as I pass by ...back later when the crowd is having some tea and bickies ^_^ ...hope you have all had a wonderful weekend in your gardens. We really need that right now don't we.


rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Not the case ,Jean!!-the big ones are going, and just miniatures to look after..Its a lot easier going to a show with 1 tray of miniature daffs, than 3 boxes of standards,.,.and nobody seems to be taking on miniature growing.. The public seem to love them!

Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone. The sun is just breaking through the fog. Yes, fog.
After a cool showery day yesterday , now we have fog.
I sat in the greenhouse and planted all my brug seeds yesterday.
It was so warm when the sun was out between showers that I had to have my jumper off.
It went back on quickly when I came out of the greenhouse though.

Today I am hoping to do a bit pf clipping along the paths. My shoulder is so much better so I can use it if I am careful not to overdo.

I must buy some tall stakes next week so I can make teepees for the climbing beans.
Couldnt find any last week. Garden stakes are hard to get here unless you just want the short 3' ones.
Its a pity that Tea Trees dont grow around here or I could go and cut my own stakes.

Anthony, very sensible idea to stick with the little daffs .
They are so very pretty and dainty as well as easier to manage.

Chrissy, its that time of year when we seem to be all out enjoying fine weather in the gardens as our plants start waking up .
I love spring when the garden is looking so lush and autumn as the plants slowly go to sleep and the autumn bulbs pop up.
Summer and winter are just spaces between them.

Dianne, how are your plants enjoying spring sunshine.
Tilly will be loving being out in the sun too.

Hello Karen. Nice to hear you are so much better and able to enjoy things.

Hello Al, sorry to hear you are unwell. I guess the body sometimes has an off day .
I see our plant shops now have their tomato plants for sale. Must be the right time to plant.
I have my seeds done in the greenhouse but want to get a few large plants for the hanging tomato bags.
I hope they all grow as well as yours did.

Hello Teresa , hope the sun has reached you too. Also hope work is going well for you.
Pat Sugar & Copper for me.

Charleen, Abigail was here this morning. I found a nice egg left near the door.
Lucky Charley didnt stand on it.
Do you ever have her sit on any ?
I used to love seeing all the little chicks as they hatched.
I had a hen that always wanted to sit on any eggs she came across so I used to buy fertile eggs of all types of breeds from a hatchery in Perth when I lived over there.
Had some beautiful colored hens from them.

Moon, hope all is well over your way. Enjoy your garden.

Hello anyone else popping in ..
I am going out to enjoy the sun.

Heres your morning tea treat....Chocolate Ginger Slice..
Happy day

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Clifton Springs, Australia

A belated birthday wish from me too, Anthony and Teresa....hope you both had great days.
The little daffs are so cute, I have Jet Fire and Tete a Tete both lovely...

Good luck with your tomato bag this year Jean, it will be interesting to see them grow.
My Boronias have been lovely this year, the bushes are large now, being 4yrs old and the perfume is lovely..
I have big bunches inside and they scent the house.
Here are a couple of pics from my garden.
The Lavender is a new one called Princess, no perfume but pretty.

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