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TEA ROOM # 112

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

I started this [from my heart- so let me have the final sermon!]..fact is, it happened, fact is, most of Aus is not impressed, fact is, on this website we cannot get too excited in campaining on a subject[especially when it involves a govt agency]-although , sometimes our true feelings get carried away..There is a difference between venting your feelings- and trying to instigate a hate campain,.,.emotions run high, Any reasonable person would understand that!-Anthony

Sydney, Australia

Anthony it was nothing you said mate.

Sorry I bought it up. I won't say any more after my explanation see my friend and her mother were murdered in their own home by the local Peeping Tom, who went on to become a s*x offender, and then a murderer. This happened back in May of 1964, my friend was only 14 years old. This is the only reason I did not comment previously, I have been almost sleepless from bad memories,stirred and stinging from this recent horror. In those days kids were not allowed to talk about such things, the adults never spoke of it to us, although it was headlines for a week,reporters came and got a school photo of her from me for the Newspaper.I was not allowed to go to their funeral. The person who took their lives went down to the Chinese gardens close by and shot himself, so no trial.
My friend lived only 14 years of her life, her mother a war widow, died trying to save her, it left two small children as orphans. My friend and her mother were not out on the street, they should have been safe in their own home. They weren't.

I am sure most of us have shed tears over this poor girl who was recently and murderously ripped from her life, her husband,family and future. It is an unspeakable horror.

What I was referring to the mention of a specific political name.That was the rule no- no. However rest assured, I won't poke my nose in again.
Apologies to to all the Tea House customers who may have misconstrued my post.


Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone.
No rain here as yet this morning but it does look grey out there.
The plants have enjoyed the rain even if it stops me from getting out and catching those weeds.
I now have 2 bamboo stake tepees up and my climbing beans planted.
I am hoping the beans do well so I can freeze lots for later.

Anthony, it was not you , just a chance remark elsewhere .
Chrissy , it seems, has some awful memories of her own and I do sympathise..
I think everyone has to be affected by the awful crime that has upset so many. It was so senseless and now those families are totally devastated by it.
I think we will leave the subject as it is and get on with the more mundane events that are occurring around us.

Like the darn football. I must have put a spell on Hawthorn when I said I would like to see the Swans
Now thats all over, we will be inundated with cricket and tennis.
I am lucky that I have Foxtel as I can go watch a good movie instead...

I love the animated movies like Ice Age & Madagascar etc.
I have Avatar recorded so can watch it in HD.

I have been watching the original Star Trek series lately and laugh over how we used to rave over the characters back then.
I may be getting older, but that young William Shatner still looks good to

I hope everyone is enjoying a bit of sunshine.
Karen , I will send the next lot of rain up to you as my weeds are growing too fast here. I need some sun to slow them down.

Hello Teresa, Colleen, Dianne and all those coming in for a cuppa..

Charleen, I thought I saw a small rump disappearing around the corner with Charley. this morning.
You had better watch that T Bo as I may kidnap him if he is coming over with Charley.

Moon , hope all is well in your neck of the woods.
Al, your garden will be looking a bit stark with the autumn closing in .

I see the sun here now so may pop out for a look around the garden and see what I have to Roundup later.

Heres a treat for morning tea.....Black Forest Cake..

Enjoy the last of the month and keep safe.

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Clifton Springs, Australia

Jean, I used to absolutely adore Captain Kirk....until I found out he wore a corset...Now when I see the old series I look for the creases...still love him though..
Last night I watched Boardwalk Empire on SBS, very good show....this is the first time it's been on free to air...

Anthony, go easy on the Bratwurst, your cholesterol will shoot up
The seedling liliums are growing very I should see the result of some more of your seeds this season....there are some lovely liliums that will flower for the first time, like the double ones.

I wish this cold weather would go away.....though the garden loves it.....
That copper foil is still working well, I thought that with all the rain we had yesterday, last night would be the big test....went out into the garden around midnight and there were snails everywhere...
Not one on the copper foil protected plants......
Strangely enough it was $4 cheaper at my local nursery than it was at Bunnings....glad I went there first. $8.99 for 4 mtrs.
Thanks for the Black Forest cake Jean.....
Enjoy the day everyone.

rosetta TASMANIA, Australia

Nobody offended me and I dont think that , all my ranting is going to change the world.,.,Have been out this a.m to a 'woeful' showgrounds market-it is really falling into a sad state..few stalls.. same stuff, week after week,moaning stallholders, lovely cigarette smoke ,making me choke as I scan the stalls.Lovely!!Ive got buds on my 'Arabian Red' oriental lilys..,'very early'-Anthony

Merino, Australia

Dianne, corset or not, I loved Captain Kirk back then.
Remember having pics of our favorites on the bedroom wall. Mine was dominated by Capt. Kirk and Elvis.
Also had a pic of Humphrey Bogart. My favorite good lookin' man in the movies.
Does that date me ?

Anthony, if you eat all that bratwurst, you wont fit in the vortex..

I have liliumjs popping up all over the place. Where I moved my Asiatics from is now full of new plants popping up. Must have left lots of teeny babies behind.

Dianne, I will look for that copper stuff as it should work on slugs too.
As long as the magpies dont take a liking to it ... lol

I have more of a job keeping Mrs Blackbird from digging in my plant pots as she searches for bugs.
I have often found half the potting mix turfed out . talk about excavating.
I mostly use a piece of gutter mash or shadecloth over the pots now..
I will be planting a few small salvias in the pots this spring. That should deter her.

The sun came out then disappeared. Its cold and damp outside. May improve later so I'll stay inside for a while.


Brisbane, Australia

Chrissy, I am so sorry to have stirred up things for you. I know how it works so can truly sympathise. I have changed just one word in my original post so hopefully it is now 'legal'. I am totally devastated by what is happening to many thousands of people here, including myself, so its hard to say nothing, pretend it doesn't exist. I would get arrested if I said what was on my mind, but if I find myself getting emotional here again, I'll leave the forum as it doesn't belong here.

Jean, thank you for sending us the rain. The plants are all watered, and maybe we'll get enough more to soak into the ground and so some real good. B and I cut back some shrubs that were dying from lack of water and I am hoping that now they have had a drink they might recover.

My wisteria is getting close to finishing, but there is enough left to have me sniffing the air when I go outside. Beautiful. Seems all the red flowers are out now.

Hope everyone's weekend is going well.


Sydney, Australia

((hugs)) Karen I hope it won't happen. I feel for you and all who are anxious over these things.
My family lost two private homes ...1st resumed for an Airport (Bankstown),2nd for a Car Park (ten minutes walk from Brighton beach).My father and his brothers (builders) built that 2nd one. We consoled ourselves with the fact that flood or fire can take your home away. Life wasn't like "The Castle" in reality.


Christchurch, New Zealand

I'm back from a weekend in Auckland...
Shaun your mystery plant looks just like a NZ native Kowhai
it is a member of the legume family.

my weekend was devoted to aviation.
The newly restored Mosquito flew - the highlight of the day was hearing those twin Merlins rumble into life & see this beautiful plane fly over.
It was joined by a Spitfire & Mustang as well as another rare & newly restored warbird, an Anson.
There were several De Havilland aircraft from various eras, Tiger Moth, Fox Moth, Moth Minor, Dragon, Mosquito & Vampire... shame the Dragonfly wasn't there, it is a particularly elegant plane & a bit of a favourite of mine.
We had quite a few Aussies present, some folk from HARS in Illawarra & some from Temora.
Both wonderful facilities & well worth a visit if you like aviation.
photos - 1. hubby looking at an old Mosquito wing, the restored plane wasn't much more that that when they started.
2. De Havilland Dragon
3. Avro Anson
4. Mosquito
5. Mosquito & Vampire in formation...
the Vampire is jet powered & has the distinctive twin boom tail.

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Hornell, NY(Zone 5a)

I'm sort of an aviation nut myself, love the warbird pictures! I also love the shows and demos across the country. At one point in my early years I was a mechanic and crew chief on Huey helicopter serving in the US Army. My travels with the 1st Infantry Division took me to Phu Loi basecamp about 40K north of Saigon way back in 1966-67. That's how I got to pass through Sydney along the way. This story could go on for ever and ever.....

It was a beautiful day in the neighborhood yesterday, gorgeous weather for Rich (oldest son) and Kristen's wedding at a local State park. It was a small, friendly affair with only about 50 family members and friends. They were married outdoors under a beautiful red maple tree in full fall colors. The wedding meal was served inside an enclosed pavillion complete with a warm log burning fireplace. All had just a great informal get together and a wonderful time enjoying the Fall season.


Prairieville, LA(Zone 9a)

Congratulations and best wishes to the newlyweds. Good thoughts for a long happy life together.

Hope everyone is well and warm. Been raining here for the last 4 days.

Love the pictures Teresa.

Sydney, Australia

I know we are ahead of the USA, but a little birdie whispered in my ear, that a special Friend is having a Birthday ^_^, the little birdie says that a beautiful long eared sweetie pie, name of Charlie, told it all about this birthday

Happy Birthday to You♪♫**.♥ .**♫♪ Happy Birthday to You ♪♫**.♥.**♫♪ Happy Birthday dear Lee, ♪♫**.♥ .**♫♪ ♥ ♥ ♥ Happy Birthday to You ♪♫**.♥ .**♫♪...♪♫**.♥ .**♫♪...

Dear Charleen.

Hope it's very special !


ps a big wave to all of our mates over the pond !
It's a long weekend here, so we are all busy little bees in our Spring Gardens.

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Christchurch, New Zealand

Happy birthday Charleen :)

Al, that wedding sounds perfect, one that will be remembered fondly by all those there.

Interesting that you worked on the Iroquois - my StepDad travelled a fair bit in those when he was in the NZ Army.
In fact he spent a bit of time in Vietnam as well, he was a Gunner & did forward observation based out of Nui Dat.

I am so glad we decided to take today off as well, ended up on an earlier flight home - Air NZ are so good!
We dropped our rental car off & were just going to grab a meal & hang around the airport till our fight left at 8.55pm.
When we tried to do the electronic check in we got a card saying go see check in help desk....
so we queued for a brief time & found out that because we were booking in so early it upset the computer - and our flight had been delayed by an hour so that meant hanging about till after 10 - it was just before 6pm at that time.
our attitude was 'oh well, never mind' & the nice man on the desk said hang on a minute, lets see if we can fit you on the 7.30 pm flight.... and he did.
I felt sorry for Jet star passengers, they had flights cancelled & all sorts of bother.
Between the Air Show in Auckland & the World of Wearable Arts show in Wellington & it being school holidays there was very high demand for seats.
it's a nice day here, we are going to pick up the dogs shortly & then hopefully I can unwind by attacking some weeds & digging up & shifting seedlings, I love my volunteer lettuce, poppies & alyssum. :)
oh - just to prove I really was in the company of a flying legend... Baz took a pic of me - a very unflattering one but I will share anyway ...

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Merino, Australia

Good morning everyone..
Well Chrissy you were up early this morning.

A very Happy Birthday Charleen from all of us and I hope Charley is on his best behaviour for you.
Dont let him near your birthday
Its the first of the month and time we mover back closer to the road. My old legs are complaining these days .

I will take you cake over with me, Charleen , so we can share it with you.

Teresa, it sounds like a wonderful trip. So glad you enjoyed it and had the earlier flight home.

Al, our congratulations to your son & his new bride. Sounds like it was a perfect day .

Better move everything over to the new place now . Join us over there.

We have moved to here

Happy day

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