Musa basjoo blooming

Sumter, SC(Zone 8a)

The flower isn't as pretty as my sister in law's Orinoco, but I'm still thrilled that my musa basjoo has one bloom so far.

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New Bern, NC(Zone 8a)


Summerville, SC(Zone 8a)

Wow indeed!

Sumter, SC(Zone 8a)

Thanks. Although the flowers aren't as showy as Orinocos, I love the muted colors.

Kure Beach, NC(Zone 9a)

Holy crap! That's one heck of a stand!

Sumter, SC(Zone 8a)

I planted these bananas 5 years ago, and last winter they didn't completely die back, even with 3 nights @ 17f. Like just about everything in my yard, they were under ground vole attack last year. They definitely create a dramatic tropical look, even in my cold rural location. Also like that they don't need w/winter protection.-)

(Zone 9a)

My son recently purchased a home in Asheville and the previous owner had planted M basjoos beside the front door. They ahd obviously been there for several years as the clumps were huge before we whacked them back. One is underplanted with a japanese maple, canna, african mask ee and gladiolas. Good grief.

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Kure Beach, NC(Zone 9a)

Now that is impressive!

Sumter, SC(Zone 8a)

Very impressive indeed! Proof that hey are very cold hardy, and they do grow incredibly fast. If you wanted quick summer shade, Barb, Musa basjoo's would really thrive in your microclimate, with lots of summer flowers/fruit.

Your son's home looks like a great summer get-away from the heat and humidity, ardesia. Hope you and your husband enjoy many trips up there. I love Christmas in Asheville!

(Zone 9a)

LOL, they are fast growers, we found young ones all over the property that the previous owner must have transplanted at some point. They are growing on the west face of his home so hardiness is not an issue either. Now, if only we could figure out what she was on when she planted the weeping japanese maple, gladiolas, etc. underneath them. Not your typical combo at all. She had no sense of right plant, right place.

Sumter, SC(Zone 8a)

Speaking of right plant, right place, I've planted lots of 'stuff' too close together. I have 5 and 6 yr old pindo palms that already have 10'+ canopies growing in to neighboring trees and tall shrubs. I also need to move a couple pomegranite trees that have already outgrown their allotted space. Late next winter, I'm going to be transplanting and pruning like crazy. Oh how I wish I knew 6 yrs ago what I know now about proper spacing.

I love weeping japanese maples! Maybe your son could dig up and move some of the musa basjoo's so everybody can see and enjoy the japanese maple.

As far as what the previous owner was on when she planted such a hodgepodge, I'm guessing Appalachian herb. LOL!

Kerrville, TX

What do these bananas taste like?

Could we call the previous owner a gardener? And could we give that owner some credit, since the plants are growing ?
Best Regards.

Sumter, SC(Zone 8a)

I never tasted the fruit because I've read it's grainy and not tasty. My sister in law is growing Orinoco bananas, which are edible and produce huge, beautiful, tropical looking flowers.

Kudos to all gardeners; whether naive or sophisticated, it's still an art.

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