Monthly hortiscope for September

Murfreesboro, TN(Zone 7a)

Those born under the sign of the scarecrow love patches of brightly colored flowers. Your garden style varies wildly: either totally overgrown and wildly fun, or perfectly minimialist. Somehow your windowbox plants are always perfectly balanced and grow at the same pace. You're good with nut-bearing plants and root vegetables such as potatoes and carrots. Your friends and family have learned to leave the garden planning to you, because you set high standards for yourself and your garden. Looking for a plant that sums you up? Try the purple-leaved filbert, Corylus maxima `Purpurea'. Other botanists and gardening notables born this month include
Euell Gibbons, Engelbert Kaempfer, Robert Fortune, Thomas Volney (T.V.) Munson, Georg Adalbert Arends, Helen Milford, Sarah Elizabeth Dodgson (aka Mrs. R.O. Backhouse), Johnny "Appleseed" Chapman and Ruth Petersson Bancroft.

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