Popcorn machine wiring - help

Tokyo, Japan

I've been restoring a Japanese popcorn machine, the size you would use at local fairs or gatherings. I forgot to note the wiring before disassembling it. I've asked for the help of an electrician online, but he's a little busy and I'd like to get this off my kitchen table.
The pictures here show the underside of the machine, and a diagram of the wiring in place. Any advice from those with a little experience would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Tokyo, Japan

Well, got it figured out. 0n the schematic, points C and F were just fixing bolts. I attached A2, B4 and E3 (these 2 would probably work either way), E5, D6 and D1. The popcorn itself tastes good enough, very few duds.

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Springfield, VA

Check the snacks unit's master change, pot change and light change. The changes may be used and should be changed.....

Galway, Ireland

Hey Bubbahluah!

Please try this link it might help you.


Galway, Ireland


Have you done wiring?

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