Mangave bloodspot

Mesa, AZ(Zone 9b)

I am looking for a smaller agave to pot in a part shade /part sun location and have come across the mangave bloodspot in my online searches. Nice looking plant and the size I am looking for, but there is not a lot of info available of heat / cold tolerance so I'll toss it out to the DG community:
Will mangave bloodspot survive in the Arizona low desert?

Fountain Hills, AZ(Zone 9b)

I had one in a raised bed for 12 hours. Apparently, wood rats find them spectacularly delicious. What happened to your v bella? That seems ideal for this situation.

Mesa, AZ(Zone 9b)

HHHMMMM 12 hours you say. i was hoping for a tad more longevity. Here in mid Mesa, I don't have the same abundance of critters you have GS, but I am not sure about wood rats. Although with all the stray cats I see around lately, a rat might have even less than 12 hours to devour a plant. V bella is alive and well. I only lost 1 agave this summer and that was an A. parryi. I'm just looking for something new to add; having been cooped up all summer listening to the AC run, I'm getting the urge to pot or plant something-----.

Chandler, AZ(Zone 9b)

I believe the DBG has several Mangave 'Bloodspot' in its gardens near the Succulent Gallery. I think they get some shade, so I think they would do OK if not in full day full-sun.

Mesa, AZ(Zone 9b)

Hi 48flash,

Unfortunately I do not have much to add to the Mangave discussion, but I want to say a big amen to the cooped up feeling and the urge to go do something in the yard. For the last 2 months the only things I have done are watering, taking some pictures, removing of several unfortunate cacti and succulents that succumbed to the heat, and putting some fallen prickly pear pads in pots, which is not a very satisfying gardening experience...

I did however acquire a couple of straight up Manfredas earlier this year and they have been sitting in pots under 75% shade cloth in my backyard for the last 3 months and appear to have adapted well to the AZ low desert conditions as both have significant new growth. I eventually will put them in a morning sun/afternoon shade situation, with the ability to put shade cloth up over them in case they start to fry.

I found this link to some information on Mangave Bloodspot:

Mostly info for California, but it suggests that they grow OK in Tucson, obviously Tucson is not Mesa, but still that has to be an encouraging sign.

Mesa, AZ(Zone 9b)

Thank you Mimime and mcvansoest. I think mangave bloodspot is worth a try. I'll probably have to buy online as I have not seen this listed with local nurseries. It always increases my anxiety regarding potential survival when the locales don't stock a plant. I'll have to wait till the temps cool a tad to order so it doesn't cook in shipment. Waiting is not my strong suit, especially when I have extreme cabin fever. Maybe I'll go to Lowes or HD and "accidently" knock over a couple of plants so I can set them upright and put the soil back in the pot and so on. Oh to feel potting soil in my hands again---------

Maricopa, AZ(Zone 9b)

Starr nursery in Tucson seems to have it :

Mesa, AZ(Zone 9b)

Thanks lonediver. I was looking for possible candidates in Greg Starr's book on agaves, but it never clicked to visit his web site (how brain dead is that)
Anyhow, ordered the bloodspot plus a couple of other agaves.

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