Please help me Identify this bug

Leicester, United Kingdom

These bugs are very tiny, and a brown/red colour. They aren't ants, and if you look from a distance, you would thing it is just a speck of dirt. They have been on my windowsill, and I woke up one morning and saw them all over the side and crawling over the walls. I started leaving sticky tape down to trap them, and I must have got a few hundred so far.

Today is the third day and there are less of them now, but I have no idea where they are coming from. I taped up all the small gaps on my side where they could have come from, but they are still appearing from nowhere. Even a few of them I have seen in my bed. They seem harmless, but they are really annoying because they climb in my drinks that are on the side, and over everything.

I washed my bed sheets and I have hoovered and dusted all over my room and they still keep coming. If someone could please identify the bug so I know how to get rid of them, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot :)

P.S I am from the United Kingdom.

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