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Victoria Harbour, ON

here we are...

here's hoping I don't confuse you all, started a thread, forgot to put fall photo so starting another..hope you can follow the breadcrumbs....

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I'm first?!?!?!
Thing about Bobs is........ We're Bob & Susan, and there are 2 other Bobs in our church. Soon, another Bob & Susan will be joining our church too - she's a retired pastor from another church, and he's her DH.
My sister Ruth is married to a Bob, and my sister Evelyn Used to be married to a Bob. Can you imagine the conversation - Me: "speaking about your Bob, my Bob and her Bob" LOL
Oh, and my DH's father's name was Bob, too, so when I spoke to my MIL she referred to her DH as Bob and my DH as Robert, but we did vice versa - to me my DH was Bob and my FIL was Robert. It was a bit confusing when we spoke.
PLUS the fellow that introduced my DH & I was Rob to me, and Bob to my DH......... LOL oh, and it doesn't stop there.......
Remember my last job where my co-worker was Linda Joan MacKenzie, and her DH was Robert to my Susan Joan MacKenzie with my DH Bob?
I really could go on......... but I think I've done enough LOL

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Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

I found you!

Victoria Harbour, ON

Guess who is tired and moved us over but with wrong name soooo moving us again...apologies..I'll post the 2 posts on the correct thread..I think


oooooooh wondered why there were two threads by the same name - one in Canadian Gardening, and one in
General Chat........ Cya there!

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

So this is NOT the correct one?

Victoria Harbour, ON

I screwed up big time trying to change summer photo to just above

Ottawa, ON(Zone 5a)

So, to make it very clear - THIS IS THE WRONG THREAD!


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