CLOSED: Please help me identify this little green flying bug.

Memphis, TN

These little (1/4 inch) green flying bugs, just LOVE the green beans in our raised garden. We have sprayed many times, yet many remain each morning. Any idea on what these little guys are? I haven't been able to find on the inet yet. (see the photo)

Thumbnail by Bcallies
Minot, ND

Treehopper (Membracidae) -

Memphis, TN

Thank you do much Flapdoodle!! That is exactly what they are! They are called a "Threecornered Alfalfa Hopper".

Man, these things are everywhere in my garden. Just found over 25 on just one of my tomato plants. Went through an entire bottle of organic "Garden Safe, Fruit & Vegetable, Insect Killer". May have to find a better killer with a residual component, or I will waste a ton of money fighting these little guys. Was really trying to stay away from 7 Dust, and try to use a more organic solution.

Thanks again!

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