Chimney and fireplace insert question

chilliwack, Canada

I am seeking advice on what to do..I renovated my rancher and added a second story. the chimney cap was removed and now my chimney is opened up into the truss space. I would like to burn wood this winter so i need to know what the easiest solution would be. I have removed the old insert and would like to replace it. From in my truss space i can see the clay liner is approx `10 x10 and it is about 15 inches from where it would protrude thru the new roof. The old insert use to exhaust into the clay liner thru a small rectangular damper. Is it possible to use a steel liner and if so it would have about 15 inches of attic space it would have to go thru before it was outside. i have had a quote to extend the chimney but that was 6000 dollars. any suggestions?? Thanks Brad

Durhamville, NY(Zone 5b)

Is the current chimney made from brick with a tile(clay) liner or concrete with a tile liner? I wouldn't run a uninsulated liner through the roof and 6 foot or whatever it has to be above the roof. When you say insert are you talking about a fireplace insert?

First thing I'd do is get more quotes and other suggestions. $6000 sound like a lot of money to extend a chimney something like 8 feet.It sounds more like what it would take to tear the chimney down, haul the waste away and build a new one.

You should be able to put up a 30' metalbestos chimney for about $2000 in material. This is assuming that prices and availability are similar in Canada to the US.

8 foot of chimney block and tile should be about $200 in material plus the cost of flashing for the roof. The question is will the foundation of the chimney take the added weight. That may be where the higher figure is coming from.

I wonder if you could extend the chimney with the metalbestos and then put a steel liner through the whole thing so that you didn't have to worry about the joint between the two in the attic and you can clean it. I'm just thinking out loud here.


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