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CLOSED: Moths, Spiders & Crane Flys

Waihi, New Zealand(Zone 1)

ID's needed please. Thank you

Thumbnail by RosinaBloom Thumbnail by RosinaBloom Thumbnail by RosinaBloom Thumbnail by RosinaBloom Thumbnail by RosinaBloom
Minot, ND

The moth is in the family Pyralidae; it looks like the common grass moth, Orocrambus flexuosellus -

The spider in the second image is an orb weaver (family Araneidae). There are about three dozen species of these in New Zealand – see The Spiders of New Zealand. Part VI. Otago Museum Bulletin No. 6, Dunedin, pp. 68-124), but online images do not appear available for many of these.

The spiders in images three and four are jumping spiders (family Salticidae); some 200 species of these are believed to occur on New Zealand. Although the one eating the moth could be in the genus Helpis (see for an example), only a small fraction of New Zealand’s jumping spiders have been properly described and I would hesitate to say any more.

Crane flies (family Tipulidae) are well-represented in New Zealand, with at least 600 species reported. Yours might be in the genus Leptotarsus (see for an example), but it would take a specialist in this family to make a proper determination.

Waihi, New Zealand(Zone 1)

Flapdoodle, thank you for all your good info in helping me with ID's of moth,
jumping spiders and crane fly. Really interesting.

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