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Hurry up (and leave!), hurricanes

Circle, MT(Zone 3b)

Anyone else in the tropical storm zone? I've been gobsmacked by what Isaac did to my house, not to mention my garden, but I'm starting over fresh in a new house tomorrow. My gardenia was just about to bloom, and now...well, the mold in my closet is blooming quite nicely, but the gardenia, not so much.

Hurry up and go, hurricanes!

Colima, Mexico(Zone 11)

I am sorry to hear about your garden Nola, not to mention your house and, well, being gobsmacked is just not nice at all. no matter how much we prepare, we never know just where mother nature is going to pound us. new orleans always seems to get clobbered in different places. are you going to harvest that mold in your closet? if not, try spraying it with full strength apple cider vinegar. mold hates vinegar and it makes a great bathroom cleaner. i hope you will not be bothered by more hurricanes this season so you can have the chance to regroup.

Circle, MT(Zone 3b)

Thanks, Vitrsna! We have to move due to the flooding, but on the brighter side, now I have a whole new garden to work with. And of course, we've got luck because we've got the important things. :)

How do other gardeners prep for stormy weather? Losing my house was one thing, losing my gardenia really got me steamed.

Colima, Mexico(Zone 11)

you have a great attitude Nola and really got me laughing :-D...not just a great attitude but a great gardener attitude. life's challenges remind us again and again what is really important (like loved ones and gardenia plants).

i live in an area where we have torrrential rains, tropical storms, a few hurricanes, earthquakes, and an active volcano but very little flooding. i'm between a volcano and the pacific ocean and its all down hill so that's where the water goes. in my case, the backyard garden and patio are well banked to steer all the water toward the main drain and whoosh...the water is gone. of course if the drain is blocked the water will go down hill by going through my house (this hasn't happened though). during our tropical storms, some plants get knocked down, only the tithonia actually gets uprooted which really upsets the butterflies.

have the waters receded from where your gardenia was planted? is the gardenia just gone roots and all? nothing there to try to save?

you have asked a good question here that i can't answer but there are lots of people on this forum from florida, louisiana, mississippi, etc who hopefully you will be getting some ideas from.

in the meantime, i guess gardeners are well practiced in starting over and sending you blessing for you and your new garden(ia).

Circle, MT(Zone 3b)

It cheered my heart up immensely to see a few cuttings and seed packets in my mail (when the mail service started up again) from folks here on DG. I'm new here, but what a great community y'all have.

The gardenia, sadly, is just a fussy girl. Before the storm she was ready with glossy leaves and buds and kapowkapow all over, and the heat/wind/time inside/not enough water during our evac made her drop it all. Alas! The freesias, violets, and Meyer Lemon were all knocked over, late-season beans and tomatoes, and the palms. Surprisingly, some of the random plants I'd gotten online that I didn't think would make it here at all survived and thrived, so there's our lesson, right?

Volcanoes! Earthquakes! Holy moly, that sounds terrifically exciting. What are your favorite things to grow?

Colima, Mexico(Zone 11)

Hi cheers my heart too, to hear that some dgers sent you seeds and cuttings so i am happy that you told me. I agree that it is a great community. Before i started to participate i read some forum threads and people were actually polite!!! and not only polite, but supportive and remarkably helpful in addition to being drop dead funny from time to time, so i signed on. I visit both the plant ID and insect and spider ID forums frequently. Golly there are some people on these forums who are nothing less than formidable in the knowledge they possess. A couple of times i've been able to help people with their questions and it felt great because mostly i am asking.

I rarely find the plants i need at the nurseries here, and people don't "garden" here, although they do have gardens so i find myself ordering seeds from around the world and mostly the USA. There is a great service called the "garden watchdog" at the DG you know it? Dgers write about their experiences with different online seed and plant sellers and all comments are posted. Before I try out a new vendor, i always check the status on the "watchdog" pages.

Oddly enough, most of the plants i have are native of or introduced to Mexico...and i have to buy the seeds in the USA or Germany or England, etc. it's pretty ironic. Putting on tall rubber boots and searching though the rural and wilderness areas is fun but finding what i want is difficult. I looked for two years for an aristolochia that was native to Mexico. Finally i gave up and settled for a brazilian aristolochia. Then about a year later, i discovered a wild aristolochia coming up as a "volunteer" in my garden...very funny, but i cherish the gift. I have a butterfly garden and that's why i prefer native and wild plants in the garden, because the butterflies prefer them.

yes, volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis oh my! put they don't happen every day or all in the same day...gosh darn so it's not nearly as exciting as it sounds :-D. Happy to hear you are moving forward with the garden...i don't understand how people can not garden, really.

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